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The Africa Centre in London Has a New Director

The Africa Centre in London Has a New Director By Shola Adenekan Tuesday, May 15, 2018. One of London’s famous cultural institutions, The Africa Centre, has a new director. His name is Kenneth Olumuyiwa Tharp. One of the UK’s most respected cultural leaders, Mr Tharp (main pictur..More


  • The Africa Centre in London Has a New Director
  • Black British Women Are Paid Less Than White Men (1 comment)
  • Top 30 Supporters of Campaign Against Mental Health Injustice
  • Racism is Rife And Life Has Gone Worse for Black Britons, Warns a New Report
  • A-Level Results: Can You Get a Degree for Free?
  • Africa Utopia Returns to London’s Southbank
  • Applications Open for BBC Radio 3’s Conference on Greater Diversity in Classical Music
  • Black Britain and Migrant Communities Want Britain to Remain in the EU
  • Study Reveals Black British Workers with Degrees Two and Half Times More Likely to be Unemployed
  • Weekend Politics: The Rules Holding Together the Iran Nuclear Deal
  • For Black Britain, Life is Far From Fair
  • Preview: 'No Colour Bar: Black British Art In Action 1960-1990'
  • Britain: Benefits Changes Risk Severing Bond Between Young Dads and Children, Charities Warn (1 comment)
  • BBC Selects Rising Black British Stars for its Leadership Development Scheme
  • Labour Party Says Another Tory-led Government Will Cost Poor Families about £4,800 Annually
  • Could Copper Prevent Spread of Ebola?
  • Black Player Suffers Racial Abuse During an English Conference League Game
  • David Lammy wants to Replace Boris Johnson as London Mayor
  • Diane Abbott Joins London’s “Hands Up, Don't Shoot Justice for Michael Brown” Campaign
  • London Council Honours Hero Black Doctor of the First World War
  • New Study Links Weight Management in Black Women to Reduced Depression
  • Black British Churches Back Legislation to Outlaw Modern Day Slavery
  • Government Minister Admits there is Racism in Britain
  • Nigeria: Government Knew of Planned Boko Haram Kidnapping But Failed to Act
  • Ngugi to Receive First Honorary Doctorate from Germany
  • London Church Hosts Breast Cancer Awareness Event Highlighting How Early Diagnosis Saves Lives
  • New Job Pilots Aim to Tackle Youth Unemployment in Black Britain
  • Music Helps to Educate West Midlands’ Children on Road Safety
  • Black Britons and Other Ethnic Minority Groups Are Britain’s Most Tech Savvy
  • Shock As Another Black Man Dies in Police Custody
  • Black Mental Health UK Launches Campaign Against Black Deaths in Custody
  • Britain: Pioneering Student Mental Health Conference Takes Place
  • Police Commissioner Wants Black Mancunian Volunteers
  • Tuberculosis Affects Mostly African and Asian Communities in the UK
  • Black Voters Can Decide 2015 General Elections in Britain
  • Cambridge University Students Bring Groundbreaking Play to London
  • Acclaimed Black British Artist Joins Middlesex University
  • Thousands of Extra MMR Vaccines Ordered by UK Doctors as Part of National Catch-up Scheme
  • UK Companies Say Young People Lack the Work Ethic to Succeed in Manufacturing
  • Health Minister and Black Community Leaders to speak on Policing and Mental Health
  • NHS Constitution Must Work Harder for Children, Says National Children’s Bureau
  • Hear Me Now - Black British Men Are at Greater Risk of Prostate Cancer
  • Diabetes Diagnosis Reaches Record 3 Million Mark in Britain
  • HIV Infections Increase Among Men who have Sex with Men in the UK
  • Over One Million Britons Hit By Vomiting Bug
  • Whooping Cough Cases Continue to Rise in Britain
  • Student Accommodation Costs Double in Ten Years in the UK
  • Young Black Britons Have Experienced Sharpest Unemployment Rise Since 2010
  • University Students Warned of Dangers of Weight Gain
  • Health Agency Urges Black British Parents to Vaccinate School Children As Measles Cases Rise
  • Black British Organisations To Get Cash Funding to Tackle Mental Health Stigma
  • Campaign Launched to Raise Awareness of Cervical Smear Test Among Black and Minority Ethnic Women
  • Expats rush on pensions as the true extent of UK’s pensions crisis is revealed
  • Nottingham Educational Institutions Set up Cultural Group for Young Black Men
  • Black Britain Has Higher Unemployment Rate than Black America
  • UK’s First Ever Healthcare Recommendation Service for People with HIV
  • Black Britain Needs More Bone Marrow Donors
  • Drug Users at Risk of Serious Infections
  • Charity Warns Tens of Thousands of Young Brits Could be Hospitalised by 2020 due to Self-Harm
  • An Opportunity for Black British Businesses
  • Britain: Challenges Ahead for Academia
  • Britain’s Family Immigration Proposals Unnecessary and Arbitrary
  • Black Boys Think School Work is ‘Gay’!
  • University Student Crushed to Death
  • Black British University Students Face Massive Debt
  • Mental Health in Black Britain
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