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The Joy of Working With Children


Thursday, September 27, 2007.


Michelle, 23, and a nursery officer has always loved children so when deciding on a career, childcare was the natural option. She began working as a trainee at the Westminister Children’s Society in London while studying for an NVQ course in the evenings and at weekends.


Working and studying at the same time has been tough but fulfilling as she is constantly learning, both from her books and from the children themselves.


In August 2007, she finally qualified as a Nursery Officer, after three years of study. She has special responsibilities for co-ordinating the pre-school topics. She lives for childcare now and even when she’s out shopping at the weekend, she’ll be thinking of new activities and projects that she can do with the children.


Michelle says the hardest aspect of the role is keeping the day flowing and thinking of so many different things at once – observing the children, ensuring they pick up important social skills and making sure they learn through play.


She says you rarely have the chance to sit down and have to think on your feet but that it never gets boring - no day is ever the same and the children keep your spirits up. “You know they say kids say the funniest things, and it’s true”, she said, “Or sometimes they’ll say something that melts your heart and it makes your day.”


She loves her job and all of the challenges it offers her and it is the children who really make it special. In most jobs, coming back into work from holiday can be a bit depressing but when Michelle comes back into work after having time off, the welcome she gets from the children makes it all worthwhile.


Michelle may be right, a new study suggests that more than half of Brits go through their working day without smiling, but the research by 4Children - national charity says that 85 per cent of those in Early Years and Childcare said their job makes them smile everyday.


For information about working in Early Years and Childcare, go to www.childcarecareers.gov.uk or call 0800 99 66 00.

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