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Byllye’s Wisdom: Readings from “An Altar of Words”


Byllye Avery, founder of the US-based National Black Women's Health Project, reads from her inspiring collection of affirmations - listen, learn and live life to the fullest.



Byllye Avery's book "An Altar of Words: Wisdom, Comfort, and Inspiration for African American Women" (Broadway Books) urges Black women to love themselves and listen to their spirits despite the everyday obstacles they often have to face.


As the founder of the National Black Women's Health Project and the proud recipient of the MacArthur Foundation "Genius" Award, many women have benefited from her more than 20 years of women's rights activism and creative vision.


Unfortunately, not all women have bore personal witness to the power of her wisdom or her words.


Courage, breath, imagination, agency and self-love are just a few of the words she examines in her book. She shows women the power of their "verbal sacred space." The words they use to describe their emotions, moods and etc. which can either transform or hinder their lives.


Here's your opportunity to hear Avery's soothing, spirit-filled voice. Click on a word below that rouses your spirit. Avery will read an intimate meditation about the word, sharing personal reflections, advice, encouragement and affirmations.


After you've heard the word, click here to purchase the book as a gift for a sister friend or as a vital guide to affirm, strengthen and enrich your life.



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ActivismAfricaAgencyAngerBalanceBeautyBelongingBlessingsBoogie DownBreathBubble BathChangeComfortCommitmentConnectionsCourageDeathDenialDivineDreamEmpowermentFaithFamilyFatigueFree SpiritFresh AirFriendshipGift Healing HealthHeavenHonestyHugsImaginationJoyKindnessKissesLaughterLoveMoon SetMother NourishmentPassionPerseverancePowerPrayerPrecious MomentsPridePurpleReflectionRock BottomSacredSelf-LoveSexualityShalomSisternomicsSolitudeSpiritTreesWater

If you're using a Real Player, click on the words below:

Boogie Down
BreathBubble BathChangeComfortCommitmentConnectionsCourage
DenialDivineDreamEmpowermentFaithFamilyFatigueFree SpiritFresh AirFriendshipGiftHealing HealthHeavenHonestyHugsImaginationJoyKindnessKissesLaughterLoveMoon SetMother NourishmentPassionPerseverancePowerPrayerPrecious MomentsPridePurpleReflectionRock BottomSacredSelf-LoveSexuality ShalomSisternomicsSolitudeSpiritTreesWater

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