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By Michelle Batz


Thursday, February 19, 2009.



I’m too tired to exercise”, “I don’t have time to cook healthy meals”, "My day is just too busy". Even people who truly want to get healthy and get in shape can find that their lifestyle really doesn’t help.


So, what to do? First, let's look at what is exhausting you. Let's break the exhaustion cycle and find out the ways to get your energy back and it may help you lose that weight.


Exhaustion has become a status symbol of today's hectic lifestyle. Have you noticed that the more you do, the more you begin to add to that already long list? In other words, you do more and then turn around to brag about it.


But, the consequences of our energy-deficient lives are nothing to flaunt. In fact, the more exhausted you are, the less likely you are to pay attention to your diet and exercise goals. How can you break the cycle and get a grip on your weight?


You must understand exactly what is zapping your energy and contributing to the feeling that your life is out of control. For example, if your wardrobe is a mess, your desk is overrun with papers and your mobile phone is lost at the bottom of your bag, it's tough to feel in control of your life.


This happens with men as well; men who are working 50 plus hours a week and staying out after work to return home to eat a late dinner. This equation is good for one thing - gaining weight. You sleep less, and on a full stomach. This is not a healthy way to live. It's this type of lifestyle that zaps your energy. You never get caught up with what you lost the day before. Stop the cycle.


What is the solution? Clear the clutter and gain a sense of calm and control by setting your priorities. If you have a family, they come first. You'll have more energy for the important things in life and you'll get your joy back. What you take time for now, comes back to you in double. Now go ahead and brag about that!


Here's an Energy Test. Are you stressed out? Exhausted? To find out whether your habits, environment, or head is squandering your energy resources, take this quick quiz. Just answer with a Yes or No. Ready, Set, Go!



                                     eDiets Tesco Diets



- Are you bored or under-challenged in your job?
- Is your home or office disorganised?
- Do you routinely cut back on sleep to get more hours out of each day?
- Do you live in a noisy environment?
- Do you often spend all day indoors?
- Do you take on more than you can handle?
- Do you frequently worry about "what ifs” and similar kinds of problems?
- Are you often so busy catering to other people's needs that you're out of touch with your own?
- Do you often self-medicate with food or alcohol to cope with stress?
- Do other people's moods drag you down?


Give yourself one point for each answer of Yes.


6-10 points You're setting yourself up for a crash and burn. Of course you're tired. How could you not be? It is time to rescue yourself, say ‘no’ to people or ‘no’ to certain things. Change your environment and change how you deal with stress.


3-5 points Your lifestyle is supporting your energy promoting goals to a certain extent, but you're letting precious energy slip away in subtle ways. Stop cheating yourself, go to sleep and achieve a balance between work, family and friends.


0-2 points Your lifestyle is supporting your energy needs. Whether through luck or smart work on your part, the circumstances of your life are energy friendly and so are many of your habits. Keep up your strong effort here, you will not regret it.


Start today, change those old habits that are zapping your energy. You will start feeling better, enjoying life more and enjoying the company of those around you.


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