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By Shaun Ajamu Hutchinson


Wednesday, April 28, 2010.


Actress Ony Uhiara is accustomed to London’s Young Vic and its quirky productions. The Royal Shakespeare Company trained performer recently spent time splashing around as Oya in Tarrell Alvin McCraney’s In The Red and Brown Water. Now she is about to return as Eurydice, of Greek mythology fame. This fantastic reworking of the Orpheus fable won awards and plaudits in the USA, and the versatile Uhiara is pleased to be appearing in the London premier of this Sarah Ruhl's play at The Maria Theatre, The Young Vic. Uhiara’s other credits include Noughts and Crosses, Pericles, The Winter’s Tale and Days of Significance (Royal Shakespeare Company) and Motortown (Royal Court).


The New Black Magazine had a quick conversation with the talented young actress.


Shaun Hutchinson:


Euydice has never been seen in Britain - how do you think Greek mythology will go down on the London stage?


Ony Uhiara:


From what the audience of young people were saying after a post-show discussion, there are so many different elements that people are getting from the story. Even though it’s inspired by this Greek mythology, it’s really  at the heart of it – and it’s actually about loss and love. That’s a basic thing that everyone can relate to.


Shaun Hutchinson:


How is director [Bijan Sheibani – The Brothers Size] interpreting the story?


Ony Uhiara


[Bijan] is interpreting the story with a lot with a lot of truth…


Shaun Hutchinson:


What's next for you?


Ony Uhiara


I’ve got some projects that are in the works but nothing definite at the moment … it looks to be a good year…


Shaun Hutchinson


You are playing the lead role – Eurydice – what is that like?


Ony Uhiara:


I think all of the roles are quite instrumental as well. I think, hopefully from watching the production, people will feel like it’s an ensemble type piece. I have really enjoyed I enjoyed the way the characters interact in this play… they are all trying to tell a story together… … it’s like a collaboration.


Shaun Hutchinson:


In The Red and Brown Water was performed in 6 inches of water – do you enjoy roles out of the ordinary?


Ony Uhiara:


I really do enjoy doing projects that challenge me or things that I think I’ll find difficult. With Eurydice, it’s definitely kind of a quirky, [it has] this off-kilter feel about it. I think sometimes you think: ‘what is going on here?', ‘what are these characters doing or saying’… I like the odd feel of it all.


Shaun Hutchinson:


You’ve appeared on TV and on stage - which do you prefer?


Ony Uhiara:


I’d have to have that fix of being on stage.  I would kind of miss it if I didn’t have that all the time…But really I love to just do keep things diverse.


Shaun Hutchinson:


Good luck with the show.


Ony Uhiara:


Thank you




By Sarah Ruhl

The Maria at The Young Vic

The Cut

London SE1 8LZ

29 April – 05 June

Tickets and information


0207 922 2922


 Shaun Ajamu Hutchinson is The New Black Magazine's arts editor and a London-based freelance journalist.

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