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By Renee Davis


Saturday, July 24, 2010.


So you’ve gone through all the stress of planning and preparing for your big day, there is nothing more now that you would like to do but relax and unwind. Well thank God for honeymoons! Whether you are staying close to home or travelling abroad there is no better way to relax and enjoy the beginning of married life.


Sun, sea and sand, adventure or relaxation? Deciding on where to go for your honeymoon can be likened to a kid in a pic ‘n’ mix store; there are so many exciting places and destinations to choose from. There are also many types such as, adventurous, exotic escapes, pure luxury and many more. So with all this choice, would there be any need or want for anyone to spend their honeymoon at home?


In a survey carried out on honeymoons, 100% of people said that they would prefer to go abroad rather than spend a honeymoon at home. This is probably an obvious answer for many, as it is more desirable to get away from your surroundings and experience something new. In this survey, people were asked what their reasons would be as to why they would honeymoon at home. Among the common answers were, financial difficulty, serious illness, or death. For those of you who wouldn’t rule spending your honeymoon at home out of the question, there are actually many attractive English destinations that you should consider.


The Lake District


The Lake District, situated in North West England, is perfect for a really romantic, get away from it all honeymoon break. Famed for its mountains and lakes and most of all The National Lake District Park centre, hundreds of thousands of tourists make their way here year after year. With luxury hotels and self catering cottages this destination will definitely be one to remember!


The English Riviera


This has been a popular holiday and honeymoon destination for centuries. This twenty two mile stretch of British coastline in South Devon has a lovely Mediterranean feel to it, there are even palm trees and sub tropical plants adding that little taste of the tropics. Check out Torquay, Paignton and Brixham. There are a number of tourist attractions here meaning you can have both a relaxing and adventure packed honeymoon. 


Going Abroad


So with travelling abroad for your honeymoon being the number one choice, just how do you go about planning and choosing the perfect getaway? In the survey taken, 77.3% of people said that they type of honeymoon they would like to have would be pure luxury, whilst 66.7% said they would like to have an exotic escape type of honeymoon. So with exotic, luxury, honeymoons being a popular choice, its time to look at some of the exciting options available.




Dubai is definitely a famed favourite for luxury, filled with lavish hotels and villa complexes. Over 40% of people said that this would be their perfect honeymoon destination and it’s not hard to see why! Dubai offers a perfect balance of relaxation and indulgence and gives you a chance to experience the vibrant Arab culture. Not only that, but Dubai is a modern city and beach resort all rolled into one. There is a mix of shopping, and wild water theme parks meaning that whatever your mood, there is always something to do.


The Caribbean


If Dubai doesn’t tickle your fancy, why not try the fabulous Caribbean island of Barbados, this was a favourite with survey takers earning 66.7% of the vote. Barbados is considered to be one of the most English influenced Caribbean islands, no wonder it’s a firm favourite with British tourists and holidaymakers around the world.  Although it is very developed compared with its neighbouring islands, Barbados offers honeymoons a diverse cultural experience, and an amazing 60 miles of beaches. 




Famous for being the city of romance, Paris is a favourite for short romantic breaks. With its array of galleries, museums, architecture and famous places of interest like the Eifel Tower; Paris is definitely filled with culture. The great thing about Paris is that it’s relatively compact yet has all the features of a big city. Alongside getting the chance of experiencing all the historic culture of Paris, you can also experience all the luxury that this city offers. There are plenty of designer stores so you can shop til’ you drop, and also lavish restaurants that offer the real taste of Paris.


Your Budget


For many, the first thought that springs to mind when the word luxury is mentioned is, lavish hotels, expensive gourmet food and drink. But luxury doesn’t always have to be expensive! There are a number of luxury resorts that don’t carry the ridiculous price tag. Most resorts offer exclusive honeymoon packages that include beauty spas with cutting edge treatments and therapies that aren’t usually found in your local spas. Housekeeping will often decorate your bedroom with flowers, luxury fruit baskets and chocolates to set the mood.


In terms of splashing the cash, 46.7% of people said that the perfect budget for their honeymoon would be £850-2000 per person. This is the probably the common amount that most couples tend to spend on their honeymoon and is the perfect amount to experience exotic luxury.


Whatever decision you make, whether you stay home or abroad, it’s important that you make your honeymoon something to remember for the rest of your lives. So wherever you end up, always remember to make the most of your surroundings and ensure you do those extra special things like organising random picnics on the beach, going dancing or simply taking midnight walks on the beach. Don’t let your honeymoon pass by in a frantic blur with just a camera full of pictures. Seize every moment!


Renee Davis is a Birmingham, UK-based freelance journalist.

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