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By Tara Curran


Monday, January 24, 2010.


Remember a few weeks ago, when you sat down and wrote a list of all the things you hoped to change or achieve in the New Year? You were probably full of hope and expectations? Well its time to evaluate the past few weeks and bring the list back out. Some of you will be pleased with what you have achieved so far, but some of you may be a bit disappointed. Not to worry though there’s still plenty of time to get back on track. You just need to re-organise yourself with some well thought-out planning.


Resurrect the list


What happened to the list of resolutions? It is hanging neatly on the fridge or has it been crumpled up and thrown in the bin? Well either way it needs to make an appearance. In order to stick to your goals you need to be constantly aware of them. By keeping them in an obvious place like beside your bed or on your desk you will be constantly reminded of them so that they are in the fore front of your mind at all times. Take the time to read through them every day, either first thing in the morning or last thing at night and ask yourself what you did today to achieve them and what you could do better tomorrow.





Make mini lists


Goals are usually big targets, I want to lose a stone, I want to drop a dress size - impossible tasks to achieve in one day. At breakfast time take a minute to sit down and think about your goals. Think about how you are going to achieve them and write a mini list of small things you can do today to help. For instance


1. I’m having a healthy breakfast
2. I’m going to make a healthy packed lunch for work
3. I’m going to go for a walk this afternoon


These small lists can be the catalysts to reaching your larger goals. If you look at them in bite-size pieces then they’re not so scary.


Re-evaluate the list


Are all of your goals still relevant? Have you achieved any of them yet? You can great satisfaction in crossing an accomplishment off your list and it’s very motivating to see your list growing smaller as you reach milestones along the way.


Reward your successes


Each success should be rewarded. In the past you may have rewarded yourself with food but this is not the new you. Instead celebrate by buying yourself something nice to wear for the slimmer you, treat yourself to a manicure or a massage, or simply a nice bubble bath and some relaxation time.


Don’t dwell on set backs


Everyone has them. Things can’t go according to plan all of the time. The important thing is how you deal with the set backs. You need to get back on track as soon as possible. Start from the beginning, bring back out that list and keep going until everything has been crossed off.


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