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The 411 on dieting


Nicki Anderson


Would you sell your soul to the devil to be thin? Are you possessed by diet demons? Maybe what you need is a diet exorcism!


How many times a day do you think about your weight? Your size? What you’re eating? What you’re not eating? What you would really like to eat but can’t?


You are not alone! You, along with millions of other women (and men), have been possessed by the diet demons.


Prepare yourself to be officially exorcised and say bye-bye to the voices of gloom and doom! Say hello to a fresh start to healthy living knowing that the devil didn’t make you do it!


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Diet demons have possessed the minds of women ever since perfection of body was equivalent to "happily ever after." When it comes to our genetic makeup and lifestyle, perfection does not exist. Let’s take a look at some of the most common demons we face today and see how you can rid yourself of them... one by one.


I’m Fat Demon!


Thanks to fad diets and unbelievable celebrity "bods" the average woman will never feel she measures up. No matter what outfit you wear, how much weight you’ve lost, comparing yourself to the newest and thinnest celebrity will always bring you back to: "I’m fat." Understand your genetic makeup, know your limitations and appreciate what your body does or does not respond to. If you’ve got to go to extremes to be the size that you think is acceptable, it isn’t the right size for you. Maintaining a health lifestyle by incorporating regular exercise and sound nutrition will put you right where you need to be!


Fast and Easy Demon!


Ah yes, one pill a day, without exercise and in just 10 days… poof! There go 2 stones! Okay, let’s think about this: one pill, 10 days, rapid weight loss. Can that approach really be good for you? If it was indeed the answer to obesity, don’t you think it would be in every headline, every major drugstore and obesity would be eliminated? Bottom line: nothing fast and easy is lasting and safe.


Starvation Demon!


Did you know that if you cut your calories in half you can lose weight? Did you know if you cut your calories by 3/4 you might become comatose? Did you know if you cut your calories by 100 percent life as you know it will cease? The point: starving may cause weight loss but it also puts your health at risk. NOTHING is worth risking your health... no matter how attractive it seems. Remember, the job of those pesky little demons is to make things look so attractive that you can’t resist. So long starvation, hello moderation!


Yo-Yo Demon!


Let’s see... last diet you may have dropped 20 pounds and gained it all back, plus 10. You’re considering yet another diet that promises you’ll lose all of the weight in just four easy steps. Hmmmm... sound too good to be true? Then it probably is. The reason the "yo-yo demon" is so persistent is because there’s always something new with more appeal or crazy promises.


Second chances abound with the yo-yo demon.

The truth is, yo-yo dieting is simply the result of not trusting yourself enough to find what works for you and sticking with it. Once you are aware of the healthy, normal size of your body, you know what you need to do to maintain it. As long as you let the "starvation demon" exist along with the "I’m fat demon," you will never rid yourself of the "yo-yo demon." Bottom line? Yo-Yos are for kids!


       Image of a man and a woman making a salad.

Eating vegetables and fruits may be old-school dieting but they are good for you


Skinny Demon!


This demon is the head of all demons. Why? Because the emphasis of a woman’s existence is based on "skinny." This one is the toughest and most tenacious of all demons to get rid of. The "I’m Fat Demon" leads you to believe if you’re skinny you will be healthy, wealthy, famous and everyone will love you.


Before those rose-colored glasses find a permanent place on your nose, let’s carefully remove them and look at the real picture. Bodies come in all sizes: round, long, stocky, short, athletic and so on. We celebrate diversity yet when it comes to body size we expect one size to fit all. It is time for women to celebrate physical diversity and know that it is a good thing. Skinny is a natural state for some depending on how you describe skinny.


It seems now that the definition of skinny is: "One who possesses complete self-discipline, an IQ of 175, never-ending social activities and lifelong financial security." Here is the dictionary definition: "very thin, relating to or resembling skin, lacking usual or desirable bulk.” See, skinny isn’t so great after all! The truth is skinny is a genetic pre-disposition unless unnatural dieting and movement are present. Skinny doesn’t guarantee brains, wealth or friends. It is simply a state that became glorified through Hollywood.


It’s not to say that skinny can’t be attractive, but let’s then include the numerous other shapes and sizes as attractive thus widening the gap that has restricted so many women. Don’t let the skinny demon pull you down, because it’s not skinny that rules... it's you!


Health Doesn’t Matter Demon!


This demon reared its ugly head once it was realised that women would do anything to lose weight. There is rarely, if ever, an instance where health is at the forefront of any fad diet. Fad diets don’t think about your health and long-term goals, because they don’t have to. That Health Doesn’t Matter Demon rises up and fools you into believing it’s not about health... it’s about weight.

Take control of your health by ignoring fad diets and focus on long-term health. Once again, moderate portions, well-balanced nutrition and reasonable exercise will put you right where you need to be, both mentally and physically.



You don't have to be as thin as the supermodel Oluchi Onweagba to be sexy and supercool


Unrealistic Goals Demon!


Given that every January millions of people set unrealistic goals for themselves, this demon keeps busy! How do you recognise that Unrealistic Goal dDmon? Anytime you have a goal that is above and beyond what is realistic to you at that moment, it’s probably going to have you walking away from it in about a week.


Goals must be practical and realistic. If your goal is to get healthy in both mind and body, set up steps for yourself to achieve that. Figure out what sounds reasonable and realistic to you and what doesn’t. Unrealistic goals set you up for failure and that is just what those little demons want, failure.


If you don’t fail, they’re out of a body! Set one goal at a time, make sure it’s practical and know that the slower your pace to make changes, the more likely you are to make permanent, positive changes.


Follow the Leader Demon!


"My friend just lost 3 stones on this new diet... I’m going to do it too!" And if your friend jumps off a cliff, will you too? Though that mantra was a favourite of my mother it still applies to adult life.


Just because someone has lost an incredible amount of weight on some programme doesn’t mean it’s the answer. If it was something fast and easy, she’ll be right back where she started in six months. However if after two years, she still remains healthy and active, maybe there is something to what she/he is doing. Just remember what works for one does not necessarily work for another.


Every body is unique and different in design and how each body responds to nutritional or physical changes will vary. Certainly get tips from your friend but don’t expect the same results because you are not your friend. Follow the beat of your own drum and say so long to follow the leader!


I’m a Failure Demon!


As long as the above demons co-exist in your mind, this one will have a permanent home! Failure is recurring with fad diets, as they are temporary and not meant to last. The constant barrage of movie star bodies does not reflect 98 percent of the normal population. Because you are not built like a Barbie doll does not make you a failure - it makes you normal. As long as you compare yourself to unrealistic images, you will be a failure.


It is time to celebrate what makes you so singular and special. You are not a failure. You are fighting on a daily basis to understand what will make the most of who you are. Ridding yourself of those tenacious demons will do just that.


Promise yourself that the only changes you will make in your life are changes that are positive, in the best interest of your health, and will move you to a better place. You are perfectly capable of making those decisions for yourself. The sooner you realise your capabilities, the sooner you’ll be free of those pesky little demons that go “boo” in the night.


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