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Designer genes


By Shikara 


Eli Ball


Eli Ball, 28, is a South African-born designer with a vision. Sewing runs in his family - both mom and grandmother sewed. At age 16 he realized he too had an interest in fashion and decided to follow the family trade. He enrolled in a fashion design course at La Moda Academy of Fashion in Milan, Italy.


A year later he followed up his schooling with another two year course in Fashion Design which enabled his natural talent and skills to be nurtured and perfected.


During his days at college he became actively involved in various competitions and showcases which helped to increase his exposure and prove he was a creative genius in the making.


A few years later he was employed as a designer for a company run by a woman with no formal training in the industry. Eli found it incredibly awkward to work in such an environment and quit the job only a week later!


Determined to make it as a designer, he decided to start his own label. As he was strapped for cash, he began with one dress which he still remembers even today:


"It was a blue and white ball gown".




He sold the dress to a friend the very same week. From there the vision

was born and he was on the road to success.  He then started selling his designs by word of mouth and built a loyal customer base. 


His collection is self defined as "stylish and elegant with a dash of

African panache."


It consists of evening dresses, corsets, rich and vibrant coloured sari fabrics, and even specially commissioned bridalwear and mens suits.

Its been a long hard struggle for the designer, yet he remains focused, vigilant, and ready to tackle the London fashion market.


His long term vision is to open a string of self named boutiques internationally and share his talent and creative clothes with fashionistas looking for something different.


Eli is now in London and currently looking for stockists to carry his head turning designs. He can be reached at eliball@polkadot.co.za




Sparkle Jeans


This is an up and coming London-based fashion label, specialising in customised jeans wear for women of all shapes and sizes.  The idea was conceived in February 2005 by Carol Brown and her friend Lorraine.


By customising garments for themselves initially the brand was able to add a unique and creative edge, allowing them to be totally different from regular jeans wear already out on the market. 




Due to the fashionably creative designs which is the hallmark of the label, they soon gained attention and and received countless compliments on a regular basis.


As a result of the positive feedback, they took their passion for fashion a stage further and decided to customise garments for close friends and family.


A business idea was executed, and Sparkle Jeans was founded. They continued to produce garments from home in very small quantities. As time passed, their clientele grew, as well as a demand for their jeans.    Garments were then produced on a larger scale and sold at various markets and boutiques.


One of Sparkle Jeans' key to success and sustenance in the fashion industry is the ability to constantly evolve the business.  As a duo they have an amazing chemistry, coupled with determination.


The fact that the two have been friends and possess a very positive attitude and commitment to achieve the success necessary to drive the company forward in the future is also a plus!


Having found their niche in the market, Sparkle Jeans will be supplying their exquisite denim wear to boutiques and flagship stores though out London and over the internet. 


Their objective is to appease and cater for women of all shapes and sizes, who are looking for fashionable and affordable ready to wear jeans with a unique difference.


You can currently purchase or order garments at www.sparklejeanslondon.com.


Shikara is a fashion designer and stylist who also runs her own creative agency. Check her out at www.shikarafashion.piczo.com


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