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By Naomi James


Tuesday, October 25, 2011.


Although the secondary school I attended in Barking in Essex was multiracial, I didn’t even know that Black History Month existed in Britain until I went to a sixth form college in Walthamstow, East London. I remember attending events whilst I was at college and university, but I haven’t attended anything in celebration since. In all honesty, the only reference I have towards Black History month at the moment is that the UK’s one takes place in October. Whilst I know it’s for me to find out where the events regarding the celebration of Black history are happening I sincerely believe that there isn’t enough awareness within British mainstream or urban media generated about this month. With today’s well connected society, the avenue for advertising the importance of this month via social networking site campaigns is readily available.


Another crucial factor towards the low awareness of Black History Month I think could be to do with the funding. As it is a celebration that is integral to millions of British people’s cultural inheritance, it goes without saying that there needs to be increased financial backing. Maybe I have missed it, but there doesn’t appear to be a special series on mainstream British television to highlight Black History Month either. These are all factors I believe need to change for this crucial month to have more of an impact on Black British people’s lives. I appreciate Black History Month but it all honesty, its importance doesn’t impact on me the way it could do but I hope that in the years to come this will change.  


Naomi James is a London-based writer. She often writes under the nom-de-plume of Namsta the Author.


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