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By Nutrition Team


Monday, March 5, 2012.


Your image of yourself -- your Body Image -- shapes your thoughts, feelings and actions every day. It can be the source of obstacles, feelings of lack and limitation, deep pain, and fear. But you CAN change it. Here’s how…


1.     Stop being preoccupied by the number on the scale.


Too many people allow their body weight to dictate how their life is going to be, or how they'll feel for the rest of the day. "Life will be so much better once I weigh 'X'." Well, then what? This is how so many people end up re-gaining weight (and more). Getting healthy and fit is a PROCESS, not an event. There are other, more worthwhile goals to attain than just a silly number on the dial.


2.     Stop talking about your weight.


This can lead to utter obsession with bodyweight. You see, what you give attention to grows. Keep focusing on your weight, and your weight will grow. Make the shift from concentrating on the end result to focusing on YOU and the changes you need to make to have a healthy body image -- and how inspired, motivated, and energized you'll be. Set your fitness goals, then become emotionally involved with THEM as you were your weight.


3.     Adopt a positive outlook.


Despite how you were raised and the environment you've been familiar with, YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR ATTITUDE. "I can't stick to the eating plan," "I'm a procrastinator," "I'll never be successful," ad nauseum.


Here's a simple little exercise: whenever you catch yourself putting yourself down, badmouthing, talking defeat, etc., IMMEDIATELY say, "NO! (or CANCEL! or STOP!). Then take the negative self-talk and turn it into a positive statement. Use these positive statements as daily affirmations to remind you of the new person you are.


4.     Stop worrying about what others think of you.


 "I won't go to a gym because I feel like people are looking at me and thinking, 'why is this fat person bothering?' "I'm not going to try to eat healthy at this get together because I don't want to get funny looks, like I'm from outer space or something."

How much longer are you going to let OTHERS control how you think? Isn't it what YOU think of YOURSELF that matters? So you're overweight. You're doing something about it, right? You don't have to justify to ANYBODY what you're doing. You're doing this for yourself, so your mind, body, and life benefit. YOU ARE IN CONTROL.



5.     Take time out.


Today's lifestyle is time-restricted, overloaded with information, and moves at a pace so fast that we get caught up in the race and lose sight of who we are and hat we're trying to do. Just take a few minutes during your day to pause and think about why you may feel out of sync, eating out of control, not exercising, over-anxious. Record this in a journal, and continue refining and growing every day.


6.     Find the real source of your hunger and feed it.


There's a couple of ways to look at this. The first is obvious: if you're hungry, eat (something healthy). Sometimes thirst is a hunger measurement, so drink a big 16oz glass of water before eating. Still hungry? Eat.


The second "hunger" is about your own personal growth. Which part of your life is really making you feel unfulfilled? What can you do about that?


7.     Get physical and have fun with it.


Get yourself on a structured fitness routine to give yourself the ultimate gift -- a leaner, energetic, motivated you. Perhaps more importantly, find a variety of activities that you like to do for fun. Now, do whatever it takes to make the time in your life to take part in those activities regularly. Moving your body is the best thing you can do for yourself - enjoy it.


8.     Laughter is the best medicine.


 It takes 37 muscles to frown and 2 to smile. Get out there and start smiling! Next time you have a compulsive eating thought - laugh at it! Or if you have just spent an hour trying to get dressed and your closet looks like a battlefield - sit down and laugh. Chances are your friends will not be remembering what you were wearing, but instead your charm, grace and humour - turn it on!


9.     Make YOUR OWN definition of Beauty.


Forget the fashion magazines, TV, and other forms of media and ask yourself "What is beauty to me?" Define it on your own terms. Is it something you "put on," or is it something you radiate? Look to nature, art, others, yourself; just be sure to define beautiful on your own terms.


10.                       Be gentle with yourself.


Step back and really start to be gentle with yourself and others. Let go of the judgement - completely. Honestly, it is just food, not the entire definition of who you are or who you have the potential to be.


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