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By Patrick Ochieng Adholla


Friday, April 13, 2012.




From your lips to your hips, your anatomy is unique,

The colour of your skin is Black, I call you beautiful black queens.

Your weight or skin tone don't matter, the smile on your face speaks fot itself;

You know that God gave you beauty, you are a product of his hands.


You work hard to earn your living and make your family proud;

You do miracles in the kitchen or you are the one who provides.

You are few and not on sale, because you respect yourselves,

Your body is the temple of the Most High , money doesn't make you misbehave.


Beautiful black queen, you are sitting like a ruler on your throne,

Your crown is made of tribulations, achievements and gold;

This century is a hard one, materialistic pleasures are too easily gained

In this men's world, you keep your head up when you are enduring the pain.

Young sister you might not yet be a black queen but you know that you are a princess,

You look around and see that your position in this society  is not the best,

When you fall down, please wake up because you are meant to be a Queen,

You are the future, keep on overcoming and don't be weak.




Your fingerprints are all over bar-codes,

Your stores are on Paradise main-road,

We are customers and what you sell are illusions;

You are satisfied when you bring forward confusion.

Pleasures and profits are your principal motives,

To poor minorities you will always be destructive,

We are customers and what you sell are illusions;

Fallen angels understood it once in prison.


You want all shares so we are the youth that you target,

Harmful drugs and ideologies are in our baskets,

We are customers and what you sell are illusions;

Reality hurts so you kill next generations.


Fake icons and celebrities you have mastered,

All medias used are there to make you prosper,

We are customers and what you sell are illusions;

Illuminati gave its approval and contribution.


Patrick Ochieng Adholla is a Kenyan poet. His latest collection of poems can be bought at this web-link - http://shop.blackbookplus.com/searchquick-submit.sc?keywords=1592323111.


He blogs at http://afrolyricists.blogspot.com/


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