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By Nutrition Experts

Wednesday, June 20, 2012.

New mums who are desperate to lose their baby weight should not go about it by skipping breakfast, experts have claimed. An Australian survey suggests that more than half of mums skip breakfast due to a lack of time. While you might think this will help you to lose your baby weight and get back to your old bikini body, this approach could actually have the opposite effect, according to exercise physiologist and nutritionist Kathleen Alleaume.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph about the survey findings, Ms Alleaume revealed: "They (new mums) think they are saving on kilojoules (by skipping breakfast) but it is the other way round ... they are doing more damage. You will end up eating more later."

The survey - which was carried out by parenting websites bubhub.com.au and losebabyweight.com.au - questioned more than 1,200 mums about their diet and fitness plans. As well as highlighting the high number of mothers who skip breakfast, the survey also discovered that 75 per cent of women found it hard to lose their baby weight, while 62 per cent were so pushed for time that they ate takeaways at least once every week.

Additionally, researchers found that three-fifths of new mums find it hard to eat healthy and nutritious meals, with most going for the easiest option to save time, even if it is not the healthiest. Half snack on junk food to a greater extent than before motherhood and fewer than five per cent of women with children under the age of five do exercise every day.

On the website's blog, losebabyweight.com.au claimed: "Living and eating healthily can be hard, as junk and convenience foods seem to be cheaper and easier, but with a little effort we can all make small changes to improve our health." The website also advises new mums not to tackle their baby weight until they are emotionally and physically ready to do so, and to avoid reading stories.


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