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By Fitness Experts


Saturday, December 22, 2012.

Losing pounds will be top of the pile of many people's resolutions heading into the New Year but this can be hard to keep.

In fact, research from the University of Hertfordshire has shown that 78 per cent of people who take on New Year's resolutions fail.

That seems like a pretty dismal figure to compete with so one way to ensure we achieve our weight loss goals in 2013 is make sure our routines are filled with variety.

Why not take inspiration from the Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends for 2013, which was compiled by the American College of Sports Science. 

This has outlined the top exercise trends for the year ahead, helping us to keep our routines diverse so we don't slip into a mundane schedule.

Strength training has been singled out as particularly popular for the New Year, so why not get down the gym and begin pumping some iron?

Lifting weights and getting on the rowing machine are great ways to build muscle and as long as you are sensible amount how much you lift, you don't have to worry about bulking up.

The advice of a gym instructor can be useful here as they will be able to direct you on the best weight sizes and machines to use.

Another popular trend is set to be core training, which will work your abdominal muscles, lower back and hips.

This is a great one to follow at home as you can simply invest in stabilisation equipment, like stability balls or wobbler boards, and enjoy a workout from your living room.

Alternatively, attending regular yoga or Pilates classes will help keep you flexible and encourage your abs to work. 

That way, there is no excuse for describing exercise as boring in the New Year and if you are feeling more traditional, then get outdoors for a walk, hike or run. 


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