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Black reality in good ole USA


By Rev Rahelio Soleil


For nearly three decades there has been a revolution in America that carefully crafted the language for a new and unbelievable class of victims. White people.


The basic premise is that liberalism and radicalism has swung the cause of equality so far from its target, that now society is unequal and is working against the interest of the majority. For 400 years we had discrimination; for 30 years we've had reverse discrimination.


Affirmative Action takes jobs and college seats from innocent whites. The media crucifies whites for the same offenses that people of color are exempted from.


Political Correctness prevents whites from speaking honestly about race while giving a free pass to racial minorities. Follow this line of reasoning and you will end up at a call to arms for white people; they must fight to "preserve" their heritage, their humanity, and ultimately, their rightfully gained power as the architects of the best society ever.


Thus is the erection of a mythical "double standard" that disfavors whites and unfairly elevates non-whites; even in a nation where power comes in a single color - blanco.


We were treated to a front row seat a few years ago when the University of Michigan was sued by a rejected single white female because she felt better qualified than minority applicants who were accepted. The case grew far beyond the single white female (Jennifer Gratz); the president of the U.S. provided legal support to her case.

Evidence seems to abound, the double standard is everywhere.


But, this concept of white victimization is ridiculous when viewed from the minority perspective. White people, the victims of black or brown power?




As minorities, our entire history in America has been fighting a legally and socially sustained double standard and a formal and informal system of anti-selection.



Despite three decades of affirmative action, blacks still lag behind in all aspects of American life


The double standard we see is one that penalizes crack cocaine (read: black) 100 times greater than powder cocaine (read: white, rich) even though crack does not exist without powder coke; a double standard that selects "white sounding names" over "black sounding names" on resumes with the same qualifications; a double standard that "steers" minority home seekers away from the vast residential opportunities afforded to similarly situated whites; and a double standard that bleaches white America's history and stains the movements of blacks that were aimed at achieving self-determination.


The evidence of a double standard so fully supports one that disfavors non-whites that it makes those whites who decry one against themselves look like whiners.


When all three branches of government are white (in addition to the institutions of law, education, media, finance, and business), how on Earth are non-whites so dangerously powerful?


The incredible idea has grown legs and wings that allow it to fly to all kinds of crazy places.

It allows Bill O'Reilly to say that Rush Limbaugh was especially targeted when airport security recently found unauthorized drugs in his shaving bag. Rush is not the victim of his criminal behavior, but he is the victim for being an unapologetic voice of the status quo.


If you really want to see the standard bearer of the true "double standard," look no further than President George W. Bush. His briefs in the Gratz affirmative action case claimed a desire for a meritocracy, even as he was the recipient of an ivy league college education based on everything except merit.


His entire life has been a double standard. He was pulled over for DWI and the records disappeared. While millions of poor and minority soldiers were dying in Vietnam, George was living in the cozy shade of privilege.


While banks were redlining minority communities, W recieved one loan after another for failing business ideas. The man drank and partied his way into is 40's and still became governor, then president. How is that for the ultimate double standard?


While the idea of white victimology is a handy rhetorical parlor trick, it is one that only exists in language. It is a complicated formula for controlling the politics and people of a nation with a changing complexion. For this reason we should not think of white power as solely a movement against non-whites.


At the end of the day white power is the only power that determines what America is, and what it is not. White power is a machine with parts that do not need to work in conspiracy for the proper outcome (self-survival) to be achieved.


A white liberal and a white conservative are part of the same machine even as they oscillate in separate directions. Together they create the standard in America that we must all follow.


They determine what makes us acceptable and what makes us unfit. To be sure, we are not powerless in this society and we are no longer slaves, but we are people who must decided whether to fight or join, and history has taught us that joining is more profitable and less fatal.


The double standard in America is white, and if you cross it...it's a bitch.


The Rev Soleil is a commentator on American life. He blogs as American Hot Sausage.


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