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By Darragh Faughey | with thanks to Tescodiets


Saturday, July 5, 2014.


Imagine your life full of energy. You wake up feeling refreshed and rested, instead of sluggish and tired. You fit in more time for friends, family and hobbies, and you allow time for more exercise. You spend your evenings doing more enjoyable things rather than just collapsing in front of the television - exhausted. Make the most of every day, instead of just getting through it, and lose weight more easily and consistently.


Start with the basics


If you want to put a pep in your step, you have to be prepared to take action. It's wake up and shake up time; go on, make yourself some promises. Tell yourself: “this week I promise to”:

Follow my healthy meal plan

Eat slowly and truly savour the food I eat

Drink plenty of water (1-2 litres per day)

Try new nutritious recipes (new healthy foods can speed up your metabolism)

Take regular exercise-at least 3 times per week or 30 mins per day

These are the basic and most simple things you can do. They'll make you feel more energetic and more importantly, help you lose weight. Here are some other simple steps you can take to help boost your energy:


Eat your way to energy: Eating too much and carrying too much weight can slow you down, so start following your meal plan now. If you are already following it, can you further improve your eating habits? 

Replace white fish with oily fish to get those all-important fatty acids. Choose more colourful vegetables for more antioxidants and better nutrition? Make more time to enjoy eating, and savour your food. Experiment with some new recipes and make your weight loss a more enjoyable experience.

Get moving: An inactive lifestyle causes fatigue, while exercise boosts energy and improves mental activity. Feel good endorphins are produced after just 15 minutes exercise, so go for that 20 minute walk, try out exercises in our fitness section and energise your body.

Open the windows: A stuffy atmosphere and central heating drain energy levels, so while the weather is warm, get the air circulating at work and at home.

See the light: Daylight slows your bodies' production of the hormone melatonin, high levels of which make you feel sleepy. Sunshine is also a great way to absorb vitamin D, needed for strong bones. Try get a dose of daylight as often as possible, using sun protection when the sun is strongest.

Sleep well: Quality sleep is vital for maintaining energy levels. Too much sleep can make you feel lethargic, so try to maintain regular hours. Aim to be as active as possible during the day so you're mentally and physically tired enough to sleep well.

Be passionate: Developing a new interest or hobby is a great way to boost vitality. So whether it's growing potted plants or learning to speak French, do it with gusto. Go out of your way to learn something new, nothing will keep the brain, the mind and the body better occupied.

Breathe deeply: Shallow breathing can make you feel tired, whereas deep breathing boosts the oxygen in our bloodstream, giving you an instant boost. Take some deep breaths now, and feel the difference.

Stop worrying: Fewer things can wear you out faster than stress. Come up with your stress buster plan; whether you listen to music or go for a walk, it's important to deal with it rather than letting it fester. So remember the old clichés: a problem shared is a problem halved, and think positively. 

Learn to be optimistic and you will find that you feel much better, brighter and happier. Use the support groups to share your dieting experiences, good and bad. You will be astounded by the level of support offered by other dieters; you are never alone.

Take a break: A change of scene can give your energy levels a lift. So even if it is a walk around the block, take that break. You will come back feeling better and will be able to deal with your daily tasks more effectively and positively.

Try these tips and feel the difference.


Feel Energized This Summer

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