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Thursday, February 05, 2015.


New figures from the House of Commons Library have shown families hit by the Bedroom Tax would pay £3800 over the course of another five year Parliament under David Cameron and Nick Clegg.


The controversial bedroom tax is a flagship Tory policy and will be continued if they win the May general elections. Without the votes of Lib Dem MPs there would be no bedroom tax but the Lib Dem, as coalition partner supported the levy which many experts point out mainly affect the very poor. The Labour Party, Britain’s opposition party says the coalition Government knew there were not enough smaller properties to move into when they introduced the Bedroom Tax in 2013.


Helen Goodman MP, Labour’s Shadow Minister for Welfare Reform, said that hundreds of thousands of people will be forced to pay £3800 under the bedroom tax if the Tories win again.


“This shows the big choice for the country in May, Ed Miliband will scrap the bedroom tax, David Cameron and Nick Clegg will continue to force hundreds of thousands of families to pay this cruel and unfair tax.


“There aren’t enough smaller properties to move into, so people are left with no choice but to pay up leading to more debt and arrears. It is another example of Tory Welfare Waste. The bedroom tax is cruel and unfair and will be scrapped if Labour wins in May.”


But the Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith, has accused opponents of the bedroom tax of living in "cloud cuckoo land".


In a House of Commons debate, he claimed the  policy had saved the taxpayer "£830 million to date" and said Labour MPs had spent their time "scaremongering up and down the country" rather than finding an alternative solution.


Labour Party Says Another Tory-led Government Will Cost Poor Families about £4,800 Annually

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