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Fighting Traffic Charges? Take This Helpful Advice

By Features Desk

Wednesday, April 6, 2016.

Traffic offences are among the most common in the world. There are countless laws drivers have to be wary of, and one slip-up can lead to a total disaster. However, just because you’re charged with an offence doesn’t mean that you have to sit there and take it! When facing a traffic charge, you almost always have some legal recourse. Here’s some advice for fighting traffic charges.

My first, and most important piece of advice, is to find a lawyer to represent you. Unless you’re qualified yourself, get a legal professional to represent you. Having that will really help your chances of beating the case. This is especially true for more serious traffic charges, like driving with a suspended drivers licence. While you’ll have to come up with certain information, a good lawyer will do most of the work for you. They’ll handle all the correspondence, negotiation and representation, making the safest choices for you. Although we could all do with a proficient lawyer every now and then, I understand that it’s not affordable for everyone! For certain charges, like minor speeding infringements, you might be able to win the case yourself. Just make sure you do some thorough research about your position!

Once your trial has a date, the first piece of advice I’ll offer is to follow all the court’s guidelines. Make the jobs of all the court employees as easy as possible. You should try to get particularly friendly with the clerk. Then, once you’ve established yourself as a cooperative citizen, ask for as many continuances as possible. Do this honestly though. Lying to any legal official when you’re facing charges is a recipe for disaster. Still, the more you can delay your trial, the better. Remember that the arresting officer is going to be working in all this time. The less they remember of you, the better you’ll come out. If you’re extremely lucky, they might even be transferred, and the case will be dismissed immediately!

Finally, make sure you show up to your first court date in a presentable manner, and plead not guilty. In traffic courts, you may look a little out of place wearing your best suit. Still, make sure you don’t look like a wild delinquent. Pleading not guilty is usually your safest bet for beating the charges. However, you’re not actually stuck between this and admitting your guilt. There’s the option to plead “nolo contendere” which is Latin for “I will not contest it”. This plea means that you don’t want to contest or admit to your guilt. In some courts, this can mean your case being brushed under a rug; lost in the judge’s files. However, if you have a lawyer, make sure you discuss your plea with them first. After pleading not guilty or nolo contendere, you’ll receive another court date. Then, you can start the process of preparation all over again.

When you’re facing a traffic charge, it can feel as if the whole system is against you. However, with a careful, educated approach, you can easily walk free.

Fighting Traffic Charges? Take This Helpful Advice

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