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5 First Class Marketing Tips For Launching a New Product or Service

By Business Desk

Friday, July 1, 2016.

So, you have spent the past few months getting your product ready, or your service worked out from top to bottom. Now, it’s time to launch your baby into the world and reap the rewards. The trouble is, it’s not quite as easy as ‘build it and they will come.’

In fact, it can be incredibly difficult to cut through all the noise of the business world. You need to build a buzz around your product, starting from scratch, in a competitive environment. Here are some ideas to get you started on the right path.

Rolling launch

Don’t leave things until the last minute to announce yourself to the world. Your best bet is to start early and increase your exposure more and more until launch day. You will need to start making plans and contact lists well at least three months beforehand. And, you should aim to start getting your name out there with no less than two months to go.

Find brand champions

If you can identify people you know will be interested in your product, make sure you introduce yourself to them. Bloggers, journalists, and paid press release distribution companies are all good examples of who you need on board. If two or three of them like your product or service, they can become brand champions. They will help you spread the word from a neutral point of view, and it can be an excellent way to access their audience and grow your market.

Set up on social media

Social media can be a great way to increase exposure of your product. Follow people who are in your sector and find out what they are talking about. Join in with conversations, and slowly build up an audience of people your product will appeal to. Try and give your new audience little teasers of what they can expect. There are lots of early adopters out there always looking for the next big thing. If you can get the right message out there about your product, it will help you grow your audience.

Get freaky

Don’t be frightened of pulling off an unusual stunt - if your product or service suits it, of course. The likes of BrewDog and Dollar Shave Club are masters of this kind of thing. Sure, they will put off a lot of prospective customers, but if you are looking for impact, they have it in spades. And, not only does it increase their audience, but it also strengthens their bonds with their customers. It’s not suitable for every business model, of course, but any company can take something from these types of tactics.

Focus on the benefits, not the product

One final thought - always focus on the advantages of your product or service, rather than the product or service itself. People aren’t interested in how amazing you think you are - but they will take notice of the way your service can change their lives. Apples are masters at this - you never hear them talking about the technology they use. Instead, they always focus on what their products do for their customers.  

5 First Class Marketing Tips For Launching a New Product or Service

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