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Common Problems Every Driver Will Face (And Solutions!)

By Features Desk

Thursday, July 14, 2016.

Driving is the most popular form of transport on the planet, but it isn’t without its problems. Obeying the rules of the road and dealing with other drivers can prove hard enough, and then there’s maintenance, and insurance…


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Simply put, it can be a pain - it’s no wonder less and less people are doing it! If you own a vehicle, it’s likely you’ll be hit with a series of common issues. We’ve gathered the biggest here, so you can have a quick scan to find the one you need...

Problem: Gas proving too expensive

Solution: Firstly, have a scout around for cheap petrol stations. You can either do this yourself, or do it online. Gas prices fluctuate constantly, so it’s a good idea to keep constant tabs on these.

Also, to keep fuel costs down you can inflate your tires fully, remove unnecessary weight or just walk everywhere! Turning off the air con helps too.

Problem: Received a traffic ticket

Solution: Traffic tickets can be issued for everything from speeding to an unsafe lane change, so watch out. If you do receive one, you’ll be subject to points on your license, which can be difficult to mask or remove.

You could consider utilizing a 5 dollar online traffic school for a cheaper solution, which could help you save money.

Problem: Engine constantly overheats

Solution: An engine that is always overheating is not a good sign. More often than not, it’s a simple place of topping up the coolant, so pop your bonnet and have a check! Instead of using plain water, try using proper coolant. It’s more effective and does a better job.

Overheating can also be the sign of a leak. Leave your car parked, and check underneath for any wet spots. If there are any, visit a garage as quickly as possible! If left unattended, leaks can soon get worse.

Problem: Uneven tires

Solution: If your car is pulling to one side or feels difficult to handle, it could be a sign of uneven tire wear. The simplest way to have your tires evened out again is to get them aligned. A mechanic will be able to do this for you - it’s quite hard to do at home.

You can check tire tread depth to see how even it is too. Use a reliable tread depth gauge, and don’t forget to check those spare tire, or tire. They could come in handy further down the line!

Problem: Lights not working

Solution: Rather simple. You need to find out the make and model of your car and check what bulb you need. You can then remove the old bulb through the back of the lighting panel.  (from inside the car). Then it’s just a simple case of placing the bulb in, or wiggling the old one to get it to work. Be sure to check it afterward!

There aren’t really any dangers to watch out for here. Just make sure you shut your car off completely and remove the keys. I’d also wear some gloves too, because it could get hot in there.

Common Problems Every Driver Will Face (And Solutions!)

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