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Five  Ways Your Business Can Protect The Environment

By Features Desk

Thursday, July 21, 2016.

You’d be forgiven if environmental safety wasn’t really on your mind when running a company. It’s such a hard job to do already without worrying about any superfluous endeavours.

But on the other hand, it’s precisely this attitude that has landed our environment in trouble in the first place. Of course, your business isn’t expected to drop everything and go fully-green, but there are small things you can do to help.

And over time these small things can make a big, big difference to our planet. After all, we all live here - it isn’t just one person’s job. It’s a collective effort. And, since businesses tend to be large operations with many employees, there are plenty of people around to chip in.

So, if you get ten or fifteen minutes today, take a critical look at your company, and see if there’s anywhere you can help. As we previously mentioned, every little helps - no matter how small it may seem!


Image: https://pixabay.com/en/environmental-protection-886669/

Work with green-focused partners

If nothing else, this shows that you are dedicated to the cause. There are plenty of businesses that are heavily eco-focused, and by working with them, you support them.

And in turn, that supports the planet. If you’re a B2B company, going fully green adds another USP onto your belt.

Support planetary initiatives

You could use some of the revenue your business generates to support positive initiatives, like salmon sustainability. Or, you can show your support by selling assets - old equipment, company cars - and donating the proceedings.

At the end of the day, money makes the world go round, and if your business makes a lot of it you’re in a great position.

Electronic business cards

Every business needs business cards, but do you need to order 10,000 of them? Probably not. The majority will only get thrown in the bin anyway. Once people have your number on their phones, do they need the card? No, they do not.

Electronic business cards have all the same information, and are just transmitted via email or Bluetooth.

Digitize the hiring process

The traditional hiring process involves a ton of paper resumes. These, more often than not, end up getting thrown in the bin when no longer needed. And if it’s a popular role, this can result in hundreds of resumes gone down the drain.

But, by digitizing the hiring process, you eliminate this costly side-effect. A digital hiring process can involve Skype interviews or even phone calls. You can get pretty much the same results, with none of the waste.

Opt for PCW products

PCW (Post-Consumer Waste) products are, as the name implies, much greener. PCW products are generated through the collection and recycling of waste. This is then made into various products and equipment.

These include everything from paper and envelopes to rulers and pencils. Pretty much every bit of stationary you can think of is covered by a PCW counterpart, so consider a switch as soon as possible. Additionally, these products tend to be cheaper than the normal kinds. It’s an all around good deal for you!

Five Ways Your Business Can Protect The Environment

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