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Health and Safety Tips for Construction Industry Startups

By Features Desk

Friday, July 29, 2016.

Working in the construction industry means having to put a big focus on things like health and safety. There is lots that can go wrong, and it’s up to you to keep the working environment as safe as it can be. If you’ve just started a business in this industry, you’ll need some help getting started. So, here are some essential health and safety tips.

Carry Out Regular Checks and Risk Assessments

Checking the working environment for faults and problems is something that you should definitely do. These regular checks will help you pick up on any problem and get it fixed rapidly. It’s what you need to happen when you’re running a construction site. Risk assessments are also important. You can only make sure that all risks are mitigated when you actually know what those risks are in the first place. Go to healthyworkinglives.com/advice to learn more about carrying out risk assessments.

Keep All Work Areas Tidy and Spacious

When your working environment is messy and untidy, it becomes impossible to keep it safe. It doesn’t take much to keep the area tidy and in order. But it’s one of those things that many people neglect. Someone could trip and injure themselves as a result of the workspace not being kept tidy though. You should also aim to create as much open space in the working environment too. The extra space will give your employees the room they need to do their jobs safely.

Use the Right Signs

The construction site is a very dangerous place. You need to make sure that any specific dangers and hazards are signposted in exactly the right way. You can visit corsign.com.au for road signs. These will help you to keep the working environment safe and secure at all times. It’s much better to do this than to let things get out of control because that’s when accidents begin to happen. And no one wants that.


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Invest in the Right Clothing

Having the right clothing available to your workforce is vital to health and safety too. If you don’t have this, people will not be protected in the way that they need to be when carrying out risky tasks. Things like fluorescent jackets, hard hats, gloves and steel toe capped footwear are essential. These things are the basic clothing items that are used every day in the construction industry to keep everyone safe. You need to get the clothing items that are right for your business.

Only Let People Do What They’re Qualified To Do

There are many tasks that have to be carried out on a construction site which require specific skills. Some of these tasks are dangerous and should only be carried out by people who have the right qualifications. You should always check an employee has the right certificates to prove they’re capable of doing work safely. This should be done before you hire them. You can offer extra training to employees if you want to improve their range of skills and abilities in the workplace.

Health and Safety Tips for Construction Industry Startups

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