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Heart Health: Are You Doing Everything Possible To Reduce Your Risk Of Heart Disease?

By Features Desk

Saturday, August 6, 2016.

Heart disease is the nation’s biggest killer. You may think heart attacks and strokes only affect older people who haven’t looked after their bodies. But you’d be wrong. Heart disease is increasingly prevalent among younger people. It’s never too early to start prioritizing heart health. Here are some tips to help you reduce your risk of developing heart disease.

Get active

Exercise is your best friend when it comes to boosting heart health. Working out boosts circulation and helps to lower blood pressure and cholesterol in the long-term. When you exercise, you also build up strength in your muscles, including your cardiac muscle tissue. Ideally, you should try and engage in moderate exercise for half an hour five times per week. This can include anything that increases your heart rate significantly. Take a yoga mat to the beach or join a spinning class. Go for a jog around the park, or take your dog for a long walk. Hit the gym and lift some weights or go for a swim. Learn to dance or join a local tennis club.

If you’re not used to exercise, you may find it tough to begin with, but don’t give up. You’ll get fitter and stronger with every session.

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Focus on healthy eating

Your diet has an incredibly important role to play when it comes to heart health. A diet high in saturated fats and sugars can contribute to obesity type 2 diabetes and raised cholesterol. All of these are risk factors for heart disease. Pay attention to your intake of fats, especially trans fats and saturated fats. Limit your consumption of sugar and salt. Aim for five portions of fruit and vegetables per day and opt for whole grain foods. Stick to lean cuts of meat and swap frying for grilling and baking.

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Book regular health checks and look out for warning signs

The signs of high blood pressure and raised cholesterol can be tough to spot. It’s a good idea to keep tabs on your heart by organizing regular routine health checks. If you do have high blood pressure, for example, there are changes you can make to try and bring it down. Alternatively, you may be advised to start taking medication. If you have serious issues, you may be referred to a specialist, such as an interventional cardiologist. The sooner potential warning signs are spotted, the better. Sometimes, there are no obvious signs of cardiac problems. But you should seek advice if you’re getting breathless or your heartbeat becomes irregular. It’s also important to see your doctor if you have chest pain.

Make positive lifestyle choices

Smoking and drinking alcohol excessively are risk factors for heart disease. If you want to give up smoking or drinking, ask your doctor for advice. Quitting isn’t easy. But it has incredible benefits for your health.

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There’s no greater health concern than heart disease. Your heart is a vital organ, and you can do a lot to protect it and keep it strong and healthy. Exercise regularly and follow a healthy, balanced diet. See your doctor to get your blood pressure and cholesterol checked. Try to drink in moderation and seek help to quit smoking.

Heart Health: Are You Doing Everything Possible To Reduce Your Risk Of Heart Disease?

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