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Why "Build To Suit" Commercial Premises Make Sense In 2016

By Features Desk

Wednesday, August 10, 2016.

Despite the general mood of the world's leading economies, business is still booming. Consumers are buying goods and services just like we've always done. Let's face it: when there's an economic crisis, the world still has to go on!

Believe it or not, the numbers of new businesses starting up is on the rise. The threat of losing a job makes people embrace their entrepreneurial spirit. And let's not forget those of us that are bored with what we do in our 9-5 jobs each day too.

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For many new startups and growing small firms, there's a need to get commercial premises. Some businesses lease their office and factory spaces while others buy them. Interestingly, one new trend that is on the rise is with people that "build to suit" their premises! So, what's that all about, and why does that make sense in 2016?

Premises that fully meet one's needs

The trouble with moving into an already-built building is the need to adapt. Often, businesses have to redesign the interior layouts of offices and factories. And they might even need to extend buildings to create extra space.

When a business opts for building its own premises, they don't have to worry about those problems. They have the freedom to design buildings that meet all existing and future needs.

Better parking and traffic management

One of the bugbears that some businesses have is dealing with traffic. Workers need safe and secure places to park their cars. And staff and visitors alike should find it easy to navigate themselves to buildings by car.

Some premises got built in times where there was only a small percentage of vehicles on the road today. As a result, traffic congestion is a nightmare during peak times. And people often have to fight to get parking spaces!

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So, how does designing your own building give you an advantage here? For a start, you can design places that offer parking and easy navigation for vehicles. And you can also make them more accessible too.

Competitive prices

It would seem that the construction industry is in a state of flux these days. With building projects being irregular, providers undercut each other to offer the best prices. Companies can take advantage of that fact when planning to build bespoke premises.

And when costs get averaged out over a period of ten years, it's often cheaper to build than to lease!

Local governments are pro-regeneration

Some businesses want to set up near key locations. The issue is, they don't want to pay inner-city rates to do so.

Building premises near to their target markets helps them save money, of course. But, local governments want to encourage firms to do that for another reason.

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They want to get rid of any unused spaces and help raise the value of surrounding areas. Regeneration projects are commonplace these days. Some towns and cities may even cover some building costs for smaller expanding businesses!

Why "Build To Suit" Commercial Premises Make Sense In 2016

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