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Making It Big In The Construction Industry

By Features Desk

Wednesday, August 24, 2016.

University gets more and more expensive each year. So a lot more students are turning their attention to hands-on jobs that don’t require four years of study. One of the most popular jobs like this is building. Once you’re a fully trained builder, you’ll be earning good money. And this amount can rise if you get promoted to site manager. It’s good money. This coupled with sociable working hours help make the construction industry extremely attractive to kids leaving school!

But how do you get to work on a building site? It’s not a job that you can just fall into; you will be expected to have some qualifications. To help you bag the building job of your dreams, here are our top tips for making it big in the construction industry.

Get Your Qualifications

A few decades ago, not many people on a building site had formal qualifications. However, all that has changed. There are now a variety of qualifications suitable for those who want to become a builder. If you can afford to, it can be worth going to university. You can study a bachelor's degree in construction science or construction management. But going to university isn’t necessary. There are also many apprenticeships that allow you to learn on the job.


Once you are qualified, it might be worth to think about an internship. Getting an internship won’t be necessary. That’s because you have completed an apprenticeship as you will already have plenty of work experience. Many university and college courses allow you to take on an internship during your final year of study. Your internship doesn’t have to take long. Only a couple of months of hands-on experience will make you a lot more appealing to employers in the construction industry.

Get Some Insurance

A building site can be a dangerous place to work, so it is important that you have the correct insurance to cover you against accidents. You should double check to see if your employer covers you. If not, you will have to find some yourself. It is important to get accidental insurance as well as life insurance. For information on specialist life insurance for builders, see here.

Apply For Jobs

When you are all qualified and ready to start looking for work, you need to apply for jobs all over the country. Don’t just look for work in your local area, especially if there are not many building projects on. Most building projects only last for a few months, so even if you get a job elsewhere in the country, you won’t have to permanently move away from home. You should expect to start off right at the bottom during your first job. Many builders start off as a building assistant on a construction site before moving up the career ladder.

Earn A Specialist Qualification

Once you are a qualified builder, you can go on to earn a specialist qualification within the building industry. But in order to study for one, you must already be a builder first. Getting these extra qualifications isn’t necessary. However, once you have them, you will be able to earn a lot more money. The will also help you work your way up to becoming a building site manager.


Keep Networking

Many builders move around from building project to building project. So it is important to network with lots of people and make as many connections as possible. This way, you will have more people who might offer you a place on a project. And you will also have more people who to contact whenever you are on the lookout for a new project to work on.


Once you have a bit of building experience under your belt, you will be able to specialize and focus on certain skillsets. Specialist builders are highly sought after and earn a lot more than general ones. Some of the best skills to specialize in are scaffolding, bricklaying, and plastering. But it’s not just skills that you can focus on. You can also specialize in various type of properties. Some builders prefer to work on period properties. Whereas others will work on modern commercial building projects.

Becoming a qualified builder doesn’t take too much work. But if you want to earn the big money, you will have to work hard to move up the career ladder. You’ll certainly reap the benefits from all the hard work and can enjoy a generous salary. Plus, you will also be able to find work up and down the country.

Main picture: Pixabay

Making It Big In The Construction Industry

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