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Turn Your Passion For Parenting Into A Fully Loaded Career

Tuesday, October 4, 2016.

By Features Desk

It’s true what they say. Becoming a parent does change your perspective and outlook on life. It changes who you are. And taking care of little ones suddenly gives you something that you excel at. It just seems to suit you when you never considered that it might. This passion for parenting is a natural part of life when you have children. But for those that thrive on the challenge of taking care of little ones could turn those skills into a prosperous career.

There are many highly respected roles in your community that involve children. And your community is crying out for talented individuals like you to help shape the future of their lives. If you know you have a natural ability to build a rapport with children, then why not pursue a career in this area?

Teachers usually require a good degree plus a further one to two years post-grad work to qualify as school teachers. But you can also start your academic journey by turning to teaching degrees. Your basic education will usually need to be good, particularly in the core subjects of English, Maths, and Science. Of course, there are always exceptions, so it’s worth speaking to your career advisor.

It’s not just teaching roles that can be highly rewarding. There are always nursery nurse job opportunities for those who are holding the relevant qualifications. You may choose this path from other nursing areas. Or you might gradually build up your qualifications from a more junior role. Like teaching, this path can become a very good career with a chance for progression.

Nurseries, Creches, and preschools regularly recruit helpers, play staff, and other workers. This is a great way to enter this area of work. Many of these institutes also support further education opportunities. This can help you qualify in different areas of childcare. If you don’t like the idea of working for an established childcare center, you can always go it alone. Start with something as simple as babysitting experience. Then you can move onto registering with your local authorities as a childminder. You’ll need to manage your time as if you’re running a fully fledged business. Some qualifications are required in many places, but a general willingness is the most important part of the job.

Many parents volunteer to help out in sports or school activities. These are the kind of experiences that can go a long way to developing your skill set. They help you to feel comfortable when it comes to taking care of kids of all ages and backgrounds. Foster parents are highly valued and in much demand. There is a good financial compensation scheme for those that work well in this field. Most importantly, you’ll be on hand to take care of some of your community’s most vulnerable children.

Taking care of children takes a special person with patience and creative ideas. It’s not easy for everyone. But those of you who are already parents, it can become a natural progression to move to a career in child care. Many of the most valued qualifications can be acquired through community colleges. Where will your passion for childcare take you?

Photo: Copyright of Shola Adenekan

Turn Your Passion For Parenting Into A Fully Loaded Career

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