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Legal Mumbo-Jumbo? Get Yourself Protected!

By Features Desk

Thursday, October 27, 2016.

Now more than ever, it’s extremely important to make sure your business is operating within the law. Whether it’s to protect yourself from breaking the law or to stop other people from stealing your intellectual property. You need to know the law. But as a busy mum, this can be hard. So here’s something to help you! Of course, the law is different state by state and country by country. So this is a post designed to help you source the information you need, not to give you the information itself.

Different laws affect different types of business. For example, a restaurant or bar will need different permits or licensing that you may not need to run an online store. So the first thing to do is get advice from an organisation that can help you. In some places, you can get the help you need for free from government run organisations. Otherwise, the best place to look for help that you pay for is online. For a fraction of the cost of meeting a professional face-to-face, you can talk to someone equally as qualified online. This will usually involve email, live chat or talking over the phone. Once you’ve taken this step, you’ll know exactly what you need to do on the business side of things, and you can move on to other stages.

    Protecting your intellectual property is a top priority. This includes any products you make, graphics you own, your website and anything else that you own or produce. With digital content like music or videos, copyright law is similar in most countries, and it’s fairly easy to protect yourself. But with things like your logos or products, it can be a bit harder. If you make a unique product, you might need to file a patent to prevent bigger companies from beating you to market. And if you have a logo and/or business name you can SecureYourTrademark.com, making it illegal for them to be copied.



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Different rules apply when it comes to the products you can sell, and where you can sell them. If you're selling products overseas, you need to make sure that nothing you’re selling is prohibited in countries you ship to. And as mentioned before, different rules and permits apply depending on the type of product you sell. Some places require different levels of cleanliness in food joints, and some places require permits to sell on the street. Another thing to be aware of is licensing standards, especially if you’re a contractor or labourer. You definitely don’t want to find out halfway through a job that you’re breaking the law simply by doing the job!

    These are just a few things to be aware of, and there’s much more. You need to do research. It can be helpful to seek the advice of other experienced business women or men that you know, especially if they’re in the same market as yourself. But remember; if someone gives you advice that turns out to be wrong, the weight is still your responsibility to bear. Do your fact checking, and don’t leave a stone unturned!

Legal Mumbo-Jumbo? Get Yourself Protected!

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