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Cool Jobs You Could Land With The Right STEM Education

By Features Desk

Monday, November 21, 2016.

In education, STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and maths. And it’s the gateway to some of the coolest jobs out there. Many of today’s top jobs require a sturdy background in science subjects in order to make a reality. After all, somebody has to know how to program your favorite iPhone app.

Here we’re going to look at some of the coolest jobs you can do, thanks to a background in STEM subjects. Let’s take a look.

Machine Learning Engineer

Where do you get your best engineering jobs these days? Often, in the field of machine learning. Recently, Spotify started advertising for what it called a machine learning engineer. The idea is to get these engineers to build machine learning algorithms that help with music recommendation. Spotify wants clever ways to deliver music to its customers that they actually want. It also wants a way to recommend new music to its customers that they might like. It’s not just a simple matter of giving links to music that is similar to the music they have listened to. It’s also about finding patterns in what they do like to make better unrelated suggestions.


Professional Hacker

Most of us at some point have wanted to dabble in James Bond style projects. Well now, thanks to the ever-growing threat of malicious hackers, you can. Companies like Novacoast are now hiring people to be professional hackers. The idea is to provide institutions, like banks, with information about the weaknesses in their systems. Ethical hackers will try to hack into their computer systems and then report back on any shortcomings. The company or organization can then take action to prevent real hackers from exploiting their weaknesses.

It can be a fun job, if not a little scary for those who do it for a living. You soon realize just how easy it is to intercept online payments or shut down networks entirely.

Computer Game Environment Scanner

Wikimedia Commons

If you’ve ever played a racing or a golf game, you’ll have noticed that they’re pretty true to life. In fact, they’re often inch perfect digital replicas of the original venues. How is this possible? Are the game designers superhuman artists?

No. Actually, game developers send somebody, called a computer game scanner to the venues they want to include in their games. EA Games, for instance, uses a man called Shannon Yates. He’s been in the computer game scanning industry for more than 12 year. His job is to capture thousands of high resolutions photos of things like golf courses and then take them back to EA. On a typical visit, he uses more than 150 scan locations, giving him the raw data EA needs to recreate the scene.

It’s a tough job, apparently. Yates has to then return to his team back and base and turn the photos into 3D models using modelling software.

Yates says that it’s fun to see how the technology develops. In the future, he might not have to use photos. New lidar technology could provide 3D images of golf courses automatically, without the need for photos.

Cool Jobs You Could Land With The Right STEM Education

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