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Get Your Child Involved In Music - Help Them Learn An Instrument

By Features Desk

Wednesday, November 30, 2016.

Every parent should encourage a broad range of hobbies and interests in their child. Sport can teach them teamwork and promote healthy physical activity. Of course, you’ll also want to promote academic interests to keep them doing well in school. Giving your kids something to focus on and dedicate themselves to can help steer them away from apathy and youth culture.

Another fulfilling activity you should get your kids interested in is playing an instrument. Learning an instrument can be enjoyable and also help build confidence. Some studies even show playing music makes you smarter! It can even develop into a career if your child has a vested interest in music. Here are some of the best instruments to learn from youth.


The Piano is an excellent instrument to learn. In fact, it’s considered the best instrument for children to learn, as it helps them learn about music theory as well as being a valuable skill in itself. While a grand piano will cost far too much, you can find cheap electric keyboards which are ideal for learning.

You might want to get your child lessons, but you can also use the internet. Many sites out there make it easy to learn how to read music. You can also find YouTube tutorials for playing songs. Your kids might not be interested in Bach and Mozart- but plenty of chart artists like Beyoncé and Coldplay use pianos in their songs. These can be great fun to learn!

It’s an instrument that’s easy to learn but hard to master. Your kids can learn how to play their favorite songs relatively quick. But picking up the speed and adding in well-timed chords can take longer. Those who dedicate themselves to the craft can become session musicians or even concert pianists.


The guitar has long been a favorite instrument to pick up and learn- especially for kids. Its use in popular music and ease of learning makes it an excellent choice for becoming a musician. It can be tough to get used to, but with a little practice, you can play wonders with it.

You can get many different kinds of guitars. Electric guitars can be noisy and expensive, so it’s better to go with a classic 6-string acoustic. Equipment such as a pick and a capo are also must-haves for wannabe guitarists.

Finding guitar lessons for your kids should be easy. But they can also use various guitar websites to find tabs and chords for songs. Not everyone becomes a rock star with their guitar, but session guitarists also make a good deal of money!

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Drums are another fantastic instrument for kids to learn. You might think banging on a drum kit seems easy, but it actually takes an incredible amount of skill, timing, and coordination to get good!

Drumming lessons can help out a lot, and a lot of practice is required to be an avid drummer. Getting the right timing down can take a long time, especially with complicated beats.

The major drawback of giving your child a drum kit is the noise! Drumming can echo throughout the entire house, which is why many people prefer to have them in the garage. You can use mufflers to make them quieter, though. You can also find electronic drum kits with adjustable volume.

Get Your Child Involved In Music - Help Them Learn An Instrument

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