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Business Basics: Examining the Fundamental Concepts of Marketing

By Business Desk

Friday, December 9, 2016.

Advertising your business is a critical part of your success. Without advertising, you can’t get to your audience and you won’t sell any products. No sale means no business, and no business means no money. Your company should be designed to be marketable. You have to have a product that resonates with the general public, and you need to deliver it in a way that is easy and straightforward.

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Word of Mouth

Word of mouth is a powerful tool that every business should be utilising. It’s not just a case of telling your employees to tell their friends, but it’s also networking with people on social media. For example, if you’re a producer of cosmetics and you want to target young adult women, then you need to market your product towards that audience. One of the best ways to get your product to spread like wildfire is to get bloggers and social media gurus to sample your products.

If they love your product, they’ll write a positive review and you’ll get to spread your reach further. But how can you get people to try your products? Offering to send free samples is one thing, but if you want a professional content creator to try your product, you’ll need to offer them something in return. Affiliate links are a good example. You give the blogger a link that they can advertise on their website, and every time someone clicks that link and makes a sale the blogger gets a small commission for introducing a customer to you.

Photo Credit: Pexels

Press Releases

Sometimes you’ll need to hire more than just a lone blogger to reach a wider audience. While word of mouth is good, word of media is better. Services like HOTH Press Release will write professional press releases and distribute them for you. You can also try to write a press release yourself, but it’s difficult to circulate if you don’t have the right professional contacts.

A press release is essentially a high-quality news article that is distributed across news channels around the world. The more contacts you have, the more places you can showcase your business. Once it’s picked up by real news channels, you’ll be exposed to millions of people around the world and you’ll be able to reach an audience that you never thought possible.


Perhaps your brand name has reached millions of people thanks to a prominent content creator or a well-timed press release. What about recognition? How can you guarantee that your products and brand will stick in the minds of consumers? You can do it with clever design. Your logo and design need to echo in the minds of people. It has to be eye-catching, it should be symbolic, and it has to be easy to remember.

Take a look at a company like Apple or a product like Beats by Dre. They aren’t the highest performers in their industries, but they are some of the most popular brands. With celebrity endorsements, clean design, and easy brand recognition, they’re easily recognisable global brands.

Business Basics: Examining the Fundamental Concepts of Marketing

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