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Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Personal Injury Claim

By Features Desk

Thursday, January 7, 2017.

These days, pursuing legal action for any reason is easier than ever before. Over the past century, courts at all levels have become far more accessible to people like you and me, and this has been reflected in the growth of legal niches like personal injury. Although getting your case in front of a judge is certainly easier than it has been in times gone by, there are certain mistakes a lot of people make when chasing compensation. Here are some major blunders you need to avoid in your personal injury case…

Putting Off Medical Treatment

In a lot of cases, people wind up pursuing personal injury cases more because they’re angry with the way the offending party behaved, rather than the actual injuries they sustained. While this is certainly understandable, it can often weaken the foundations of the case when the claimant fails to get all the medical attention they can. Sure, your injury may be fairly minor, and you might be on your way to recovery without any kind of treatment. However, if it arises that you didn’t go to a doctor following the incident, the jury may not be all that convinced of how serious the injury is. Furthermore, neglecting to seek medical attention can sometimes make the injury even worse, and shift the responsibility to you!

Putting Off Legal Advice

Just as it’s a big mistake to put off your medical treatment any longer than is necessary, you should also talk to a lawyer as soon as you’ve decided you’re going to pursue legal action. A lot of people believe that as long as the injury actually occurred, it will be easy enough to mount their case at any time and get the compensation they want. This is totally false! The first few days following an accident are going to be crucial. You’re likely to be bombarded with calls and emails from investigators, insurance adjusters and so on. This opens up all kinds of opportunities for you to say or do something that can severely weaken your case. Your best bet is to seek help with your personal injury case from a professional attorney, and take their advice when it comes to discussing your injury with anyone relevant.

Giving Statements and Interviews to the Wrong People

When a personal injury claim comes across their desk, the first thing your average insurance adjuster will do is try to get recorded statements from the injured claimants and possibly other people involved in the incident. When these insurance professionals reach out to you, it may sound like they’re just trying to help, and that you’re kind of obliged to give whatever statements and interviews they ask for. However, in many cases, these pieces of evidence can re-surface later in the case, and be used against the claimant. Even if nothing happened in the incident which seems like it could hurt your position, you must always exercise extreme care in the way you phrase things in these statements. Always consult your lawyer before delivering any kind of report like this.


Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Personal Injury Claim

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