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Changing Your Career Path Isn't As Risky As You'd Think

By Careers Desk

Sunday, February 12, 2017.

Changing your career - it might seem as the biggest leap of faith known to modern mankind. Do you trade something you might see as 'safe' for new horizons that could grant you happiness?

Well, would you?

It's really important to note that you don't just have 'one shot' at making it in life. This is just going to add huge amount of pressure to yourself and this situation is already full of pressures. Tracy Johnson, a career coach and the founder of Brainbox Coaching says this is one of the worst things you can do:

"When people start talking about their "true calling" or "finding their vocation" it adds a lot of pressure to an already difficult decision. You will probably change career direction several times in your life (I certainly have!), so try to think in terms of what you would like to try next. Career planning tools on websites such as Prospects or TargetJobs can be useful to throw up a few ideas, but the key is to think about the kind of skills you enjoy and are good at, the environment you'd like to be in and the kind of people you want to work with. Once you've narrowed it down to two or three areas, you'll be able to do some more targeted research and start looking at specific job roles. Just remember, you can always change your mind."


Avoiding additional pressure is a good starting point. It will allow you to step back and focus. A career change has to take place in stages. Make changes in your current role, take up studies and diplomas, become an Associate of Arts if that is the right path. Make slow changes that will build your career for you - that's not a leap of faith, is it? You want to move into your new career through a series of roles so the leap is non-existent, thus there won't be much stress!

It's important to assess if a career change is the right thing for you - it may just be circumstances at your current workplace that aren't right and you'll be in trouble if you jump into a different line of work. Think about why this thought has popped up and see if you can change anything about your current role before making big decisions. When you are thinking about a new career, make sure you choose a path that is something you are seriously interested in - when you're earning good money, it can be a good camouflage, but this illusion will disappear. Will the money keep you in the role if you find yourself unhappy, again?

There's no risk in a smart career change - it is only when you act rashly, as with anything, that risk appears. Be smart with your options. Perhaps the best question to ask, though, is will you regret not changing your career when you had a great chance? See what the answer is.

Changing Your Career Path Isn't As Risky As You'd Think

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