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An Unsafe Workplace Can Cost Lives

By Business Desk

Friday, March 3, 2017.

There are many places in the world that are exploited for cheap labour. Sweatshops are known for their violation of labour laws, but in poor parts of the world these laws aren’t regulated and for many poor people living in those countries, it’s the only way for them to earn a living and keep their family fed. However, those conditions seem to be making their way to first-world countries as well. Have we really forsaken our human values, or are we so concerned with making money that we would willingly put our own employees at risk?

Listen to your employees

If you’re currently running a business and your employees have been complaining about something in the workplace, for example, perhaps there is an electrical outlet that has been sparking occasionally or maybe one of the ceiling panels has shown signs of wear, then you need to get these problems sorted before it becomes a major issue. It’s important that you listen to your employees when they have concerns because they are the ones using the equipment and spending most of their day at the workplace.

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Testing of all appliances and equipment

If you are running a business that uses some specialised equipment such as heavy-duty machinery or electrical equipment, then it’s a good idea to get test tags so ensure that they are safe. Machinery can malfunction in spectacular ways. The most common way is that something will just fail and will need to be fixed by a specialist. Unfortunately, some electrical equipment can backfire, short out and even damage or harm the person that is using the device.

Not only can this be extremely harmful and dangerous to yourself and your employees, it can also destroy thousands of dollars worth of equipment in the process and potentially destroy your business. It also helps to maintain this equipment because if it was to break, it would make your insurance claims much shorter and you won’t be out of business for very long. It doesn’t matter if you are a small startup or a large corporation, safety should always be a number one priority.

Work hazards

Depending on the type of work your employees are involved with, there are going to be natural hazards involved in a workplace. For instance, if you run a construction company then your employees are going to be prone to accidents that wouldn’t happen in a safer environment such as an office. This is why you need to provide your employees with safety equipment such as high-visibility jackets and clothing, hard hats to protect their heads and also steel toe boots in the event something drops onto their feet.

If you don’t have the correct safety equipment for your business then you are liable for neglect and you could be sued on the grounds that you are not providing sufficient protection for your employees. Should one of your employees be injured or, even worse, killed during the job, then not only will your business close down but you will also go to jail for neglecting their safety. Unless you want someone’s blood on your hands, you had better stop thinking about money and start thinking more about employee safety.

An Unsafe Workplace Can Cost Lives

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