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That BBC Interview Dad And The Pitfalls Of Working From Home

By Features Desk

Friday, March 17, 2017.

Everyone has seen the footage by now, right?

Professor Robert Kelly of Pusan University was speaking to BBC via a video conferencing linkup from South Korea from his home office about the rather serious issue of South Korea’s president being impeached. Disaster ensued. Professor Kelly’s kid’s marched into the room - one via a baby stroller - and interrupted the interview, before Kelly’s wife ran to the rescue and grappled the kids out of the room - all in full view of the BBC studio. The clip - while hilarious, showcases the perils of working from home. But, there’s a lot more ways things can go wrong when working from home than just kids walking onto the scene.


Working from home does require a lot of discipline - the boss isn’t visible and if the boss is you, everything you do is gonna hinge on your levels of focus. If you are constantly getting up to do stuff and perform tasks, you are going to struggle to stay focused. Set regimented working hours and breaks and stick to it. This can be hard if you’ve got a family, especially youngsters like Prof. Kelly, but you need to do your best to be focused because as important as the family is, it is the work you are doing that is going to be paying the bills. A focus on your tasks is absolutely essential to working well from home - where it is so easy to lose focus.

Another peril is the thought that simply running a business from home is enough - you’ve got a lot of work to do and if you just focus on the buying and selling - you are missing out. Running your own business demands marketing skills so your business can get noticed and if you aren’t heading to networking events - it will be harder to find people to sell to or work with. Head to conventions, conferences, events and try to make the biggest impact you can with your branding with items from selbys.net to get yourself noticed. You need to do the best you can with marketing when running a business from home as no-one outside your front door is going to notice your business if you aren’t going to get your name out there.

You might be a home-working master, but we can all take too much work on - which is dangerous to our stress levels and our productivity. Be realistic about what you can achieve and do fewer pieces to a higher standard than a lot of work that isn’t up to scratch. Taking on a higher workload than you can handle is a recipe for disaster. Set your bar on a daily basis and if you are taking on too much work, assess the situation and change it so you can do the best you can at home.

There are plenty of ways that working from home can go wrong - so keep on top of it all and make sure you’re actually ‘working’ from home, instead of the work becoming just another chore.

That BBC Interview Dad And The Pitfalls Of Working From Home

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