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What Consumers Want: Creating A Bespoke Business

By Business Desk

Tuesday, April 11, 2017.

In business, your success will often depend on being able to cater for the demands of consumers. In basic terms, if you can give people what they want, you’re going to get somewhere. If you’re a company owner, and you’re keen to make it, creating a bespoke business should be a priority. Here are some tips and tricks that will come in handy along the way.

Market research

There are few things more important in business than understanding your market. Whether you’re a brand new company or you’ve been around for years, it’s essential to be aware of who you’re targeting, and how you can impress potential clients. If you’ve got a product, for example, who is going to buy it? What does that consumer want to gain from the product? How much do they want to pay and where are they going to make the purchase? Market research is not just valuable for getting to know your target market. It’s also a fantastic way of learning more about your rivals. Who else is out there? What are they offering? How are you different? Trends evolve and change all the time, so don’t assume that doing a survey when you first start out is sufficient. You need to modify your business on a continual basis to make sure that what you’re doing is always relevant.


Today, both businesses and consumers are reliant on technology. We tend to spend a lot of time online, and if we can use technology to make life easier or do something faster, we will. Modern-day consumers don’t always want to go to a shop, try things on and make a purchase, for example. They want to order something from the comfort of their sofa and have it delivered to their door the next day. If you’re running a business, you want to employ software to complete tasks and jobs faster and save money. As a software developer, you need to respond to the changing demands of your clients and make sure you have the answers to their questions. A university dean, for example, may be looking for more than just a PeopleSoft campus solution, and they may want to take their software to the next level with remote access and mobile apps that will make life easier for students and staff. An office manager may want a tool that will save them hours drawing up rotas, coordinating group projects or processing invoices. If you can provide a simpler, more cost-effective means of getting things done, you’re likely to succeed.


Even in a world of multinational corporations, service counts. If you’re running a business, ever underestimate the importance of good customer service. Every client should feel like they are your most valuable customer. You can improve service by training members of staff, and making use of feedback. Go the extra mile to provide a bespoke service, and learn from what your customers tell you.

Image courtesy of https://www.flickr.com/photos/jeffdjevdet/18024827703

In business, you have to respond to your client’s demands and preferences. Make sure you understand your market and think of ways you can tailor your service to suit potential customers. Focus on service and quality, make use of feedback, and embrace the power of technology.

What Consumers Want: Creating A Bespoke Business

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