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Surprising Careers That Don’t Discriminate

By Careers Desk

Thursday, April 13, 2017.

In a perfect world, no one would have to worry about discrimination in the workplace. A person could go to school, graduate, and pick a career without fear of reprisal. Unfortunately, this world isn’t perfect, and minorities do suffer from discrimination. Even in 2017, the pay gap between men and women and blacks and whites still exists. Breaking down barriers is an option, but so is picking the industry of least resistance. These are the careers that don’t discriminate for the minorities that want to catch a break.


Wait a minute; banking is a boy’s club for the rich. Yes, that’s the way that a lot of people view Wall Street. However, studies show that it isn’t as closed off as first thought. Citigroup, for example, scores the highest regarding minority employment in the S&P 100. And, a firm like JPMorgan Chase also came second. Sure, they might have changed their ways after a disastrous few years. Still, they deserve credit for opening their doors to minorities as well as diverse sexual orientations.


Emergency Services

The emergency services work in the same way as the Armed Forces. Because the target is so important, it doesn’t matter who helps deliver the goals. Walk into a hospital and you’ll see this is practice with a range of people from different backgrounds and cultures. In fact, the UK has a high rate of immigrants working in the medical sector. An influx of Asian migrants has helped the NHS because they tend to be skilled workers like doctors and nurses. This kind of thing happens all around the world for the benefit of patients and employees alike.

The Armed Forces

Again, the Armed Forces won’t top your list when you think of employment. But, again, they have made big strides in the last couple of years. Women, for instance, can serve in a lot of countries, although not on the frontline. There is due to be a judgment on this rule in the future which could open up the doors to more female staff. The reason the Forces score so highly is due to the type of work. It doesn’t matter who is piloting the emergency air ambulance when you are fighting to save your country. The same goes for when you’re being pinned down by insurgents. All that matters is that you finish the job. It’s hard to imagine, but the Forces is a melting pot of minorities all under one roof.

Food & Drink

Everyone knows PepsiCo and Coca-Cola. What you might not know is that they are two of the best companies for minorities. Yes, Coke scored 95 points on the Calvert scale, and Pepsi 90. Pepsi even boasts the only women in the S&P 100 who is the CEO. She is called Indra Nooyi, and she also happens to be of Indian descent which adds to the diversity. Food companies in general score very highly with Kraft Foods and McDonald’s also scoring 90 points.

This post isn’t meant to glorify the progress of big firms in the past decade. It can’t because there is very little progress at the moment. What it does show is that there is a silver lining for all minorities.

Surprising Careers That Don’t Discriminate

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