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What Would Immigration In The UK Look Like Under A Labour Government?

By the Politics Desk

Wednesday, May 17, 2017.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that Theresa May shocked the UK by calling for a snap election this June. It was shocking because she’d previously claimed on multiple occasions that she wasn’t going to call for a general election.

But, she did, and now the UK has a chance to vote for who they want to see in power. Many people are trying to get aboard the Labour change in the hope that we will see a different party in power, and some new policies.

Undoubtedly one of the biggest talking points will centre around each party's immigration policy. It’s a big topic these days, and many are interested to see how different things could be with a different government in charge. Labour are the closest challenge to the Conservatives, so, we’re going to take a look at how immigration in the UK might look under their control.

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Labour & Immigration

Statistics show we saw around 500,000 EU immigrants come to the UK from September 2015 to September 2016, and that net migration is up to around 330,000. Furthermore, you only need to speak to an immigration lawyer to find out that we’ve seen many immigrants and asylum seekers from other parts of the world in that time, notably Syria.

There’s a large influx of people coming into the country, compared with not a great deal of people leaving. This begs the question, what does the country do with all these new immigrants? The current Tory government has set its sights on reducing the number of immigrants to below 100,000. More specifically, they want to reach a net migration target of 100,000.

As you can imagine, reducing the net migration from 330,000 to 100,000 sounds almost impossible. They believe they can do this after Brexit as we will have more control over who comes into our country, and EU citizens can’t just come as they pleased.

On the other hand, Labour has not revealed any intention to try and drastically reduce these immigration figures. They believe it’s a ridiculous target and something that simply can’t be achieved. They encourage free movement and don’t want to discriminate on people based on where they come from or what race they are.

However, after Brexit is finalised, they realise that EU freedom of movement will be impossible, and the UK immigration system needs to be reworking and tweaked. They propose a new system that will work in the best interests of Britain and its people. They will offer employer sponsorships for immigrants looking to come to the UK to work and contribute to the economy. There will also be work permits, new visas, and many other things that aim to help keep immigration healthy and ensure people coming into the country will benefit the overall economy and everyone else living there.

You can clearly see there are stark differences in the two biggest party’s immigration policies. If the Conservatives win again, we will see a Britain that’s determined to close its borders and keep people out. With Labour, we’ll see a country that doesn’t discriminate and welcomes immigrants that want to work and help keep the British economy in good shape.

What Would Immigration In The UK Look Like Under A Labour Government?

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