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Success? It's In Your Hands

By the Business Desk

Thursday, May 18, 2017.

Every single new business wants to be successful, but over half will fail. It’s a fact – a sad one, yes – but still a fact. Therefore, it’s in the best interests of every new business owner to do whatever they can to build a business with a solid enough foundation to ensure it will be a success. There are thousands of books, articles and blogs all written with the aim to tell businesses how they can be successful. It’s a subject that is so broad that the opinion on it varies greatly from person to person. You’ll find, however, that across all these similar articles, that there is one common theme; motivation.

A good business owner will have the motivation to do the best he or she can to make their business a resounding success. A great business owner will push everyone around them to be the best they can to make the business more than a success. There is so much involved in making a business a success, and if you follow these tips, your business can be a popular hit in your field.

No Fear:

Every successful business owner takes risks. For most, the idea of becoming successful in business is a daunting prospect. This is mainly due to the hard work and effort it takes to make a business a roaring success. Every business has it’s hurdles to be overcome, but if you are too afraid to take the leap and jump into business in the first place, you’re never going to go anywhere. The second you step away from the cosy job and the steady pay check, panic can set in. However, if you spend your whole life worrying about the unknown, you could end up preventing yourself from living your own business dreams. Every new entrepreneur needs to constantly overcome fear to be able to keep their business thriving and it isn’t just the beginnings! You need to network with others, strike up conversations and get to grips with promoting your event that could see whether your business is a success or not. You have to be able to step up in the business world and take control with both hands. Even if you are a wallflower in your personal life, you need to be a force of nature in your professional life if you hope to have any kind of success. Those in business who fail, but stand up and dust off to start again are those who are the truly successful business leaders.

Financial Matters:

If there’s one thing that your new business will need to get straight, it’s the finances. A strong business plan, great backing and solvency are all important to the continued success of a company. It’s lovely to think that you don’t need money to be happy, but if you want to have a business that succeeds, then money is definitely necessary. There are many guides like this one, that can tell you exactly where your money should go when you start a new company. Living from pay check to pay check can be a thing of the past as a business owner and being financially literate can help you get there. You have to be able to understand money and how you can apply it to each team in your company so you’re financially comfortable in every aspect of your company.

Staff Success:

All the pieces of a business, from marketing to finance and HR, need to be run efficiently for your business to be successful. The success of a company isn’t just about the person running it – it’s all these pieces working together harmoniously by a team of very competent leaders within your company. Trusting the people who work for you is going to be your biggest hurdle in business but if you trust your staff, it works both ways. Your company needs to thrive and it thrives by focused, motivated people putting in their all and working as hard for you as you do for them. Entrepreneurial ideas and new companies are only as good as the support that they receive from their staff. Allowing your staff to grow within the business as much as you do can boost their egos as well as your own.

Leadership Qualities:

A good business leader is someone who can have a team of people with them and understand how each person ticks so they can work together. A fantastic business leader is someone who can drive that team forward and help others find their successes along the way. Successful leaders are often admired and even worshipped by those in the same field. While you may not be looking for worship, you will be looking for loyalty among your staff. If you can motivate and drive them toward their own personal successes, then your company will be a stronger unit. You should also bear in mind that just because you started and own your business, you don’t have to be the one to lead it. If you aren’t quite there and still have things to learn about what it is to lead a team, then bringing in an outsider to effectively show you how to run things is a smart business decision. Eventually you can step up and take over the reins a little more and be a driving force that is visible to the public.

Partner Up:

Okay, so we’ve just talked about what it’s like to be a good business leader and how to be one, but you also need to understand where to bring in extras. Having people by your side to help you out is the biggest strength of all business leaders.

Understanding that your company needs more than just you isn’t a weakness, in fact it’s the total opposite of weakness. Assembling a focused, accomplished team of players in any game is a strength and one you should absolutely capitalise on. As a business owner, it’s understandable that you will want to be involved in every aspect of the day to day operations. Your business is your baby and you want to oversee that, but doing things that way can actually slow down your business success. You need to be able to have others by your side to help you run things instead of trying to run everything by yourself. It’s the mark of a stable business to be able to trust more than one leader.

Attitude Counts:

Success is really something that’s in the palm of your hand as a business owner. Your attitude, charm and demeanour are all going to come into focus as you choose to run a business. People don’t just buy a product or a service, they buy into a person and the values that a person holds. If a company is known for a rogue trader and the owner isn’t a nice person, or a person who tries to come off as a good person in meetings or networks, then people will be put off of their business. How you view your success will be individual, depending on what you value as a business leader. Profit and money may be your driving force, but are they what you base your successes on? Or is it going to be the way you influence the people around you? Either way your attitude as a business owner is going to make a big difference to how people perceive you, so be careful of how you behave – the business world is smaller than you think.

Gratitude, Too:

We talk about attitude and how that can affect your business perception, but what about gratitude? We live in a world that is full of change – it’s the only constant in life. This constant change is something we all very much take for granted. Business owners rely very heavily on technology, which is developing at a faster rate than most businesses can keep up with. Being grateful for these changes and taking time to stop and realise what you have ahead of you is a good quality in a business owner. Successful entrepreneurs should be thankful for the people and places that they manage to go in their journey, as all the people that help them get to where they are matter.

If, as a business leader, you are as supported as you are supportive to your staff, then you will be more likely to succeed over a leader who tries to manage everything by themselves. If you can understand to ask for help when you need it, take guidance where you can and promote your business to the best of yours - and your marketing team’s – knowledge, then you cannot go wrong. Your company success is in your hands, you just have to reach out and grab it!

Success? It's In Your Hands

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