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7 Ways To Save Your Relationship

By Features Desk

Sunday, May 21, 2017.

You may have agreed to stick it out through sickness and health but all relationships hit the rocks at some point. A combination of boredom, feeling you’ve lost that special connection or simply falling out of love brings many previously happy relationships to an end and the result is anger and resentment. Yet, others make it through.

Your relationship does not have to take a nosedive as well. Try out these tried and tested ways to keep you together despite what life throws at you.

1.Make time for date nights

This does not have to be lavish or costly. The important thing is that you have made time for one another. Make a list of Bollywood Movies you won't want to miss and work your way through them. Throw in some popcorn and beers for the perfect night.

2. Ask the important question

It only takes a few seconds to ask ‘How was your day?’ and it is such a simple question but it shows that you care. It prompts a chat about your day, good or bad.

3. Laugh about the old days

You have shared history so revel in it once in a while. Share an old joke or reminisce about a special time in your lives. This can renew the feeling of connection.

4. Don’t panic because you have had a row

All couples argue. It is only natural that you will not see eye to eye on everything. You do not have to rush out to make an appointment with a counselor just because you have had an argument. All relationships go through bad patches and these can last for a few weeks. Most of them pass and leave you stronger than ever.

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5. Watch your language

Using words like "we," "us," and "our "in the middle of a dispute is less confrontational and makes it easier to get over the disagreement. Using "I" all the time stirs up negative emotions. Try to keep calm and state your case in clear terms. Spend as much time listening as you do talking.

6. Congratulate each other

A relationship is not a competition. Your partner’s achievements and awards are yours also. Receive your significant other's exciting news with genuine joy and celebrate. If you are satisfied in the relationship you will not feel the desire to be competitive. Do what you can to boost their ego and do not try to bring them down. Remember you are on the same side!

7. Work out together

Working out has great benefits for your physical and emotional well-being but did you realize it can help your relationship as well? Get fit together and it will help your sex life. Woman enjoy sex more when they’re physically active. You are also more likely to stick to your exercise regime if your partner is doing it with you. It’s like having an accountability buddy in your own home. It also relieves stress, boosts energy, and helps with body confidence. All of these are good for your relationship.

7 Ways To Save Your Relationship

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