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Keep Your Office Safe And Secured



By Business Expert



Monday, May 29, 2017.



If your business has just got its own office, this is great news. But one of the first things you need to do is to make sure it's safe and secure, so your business can be too. You want to do all you can in order to prevent criminals from breaking in and stealing important documents and equipment.

- Here are the best ways to do so.



Get a monitored alarm system

Purchasing an alarm should be an obvious investment for you and your business as this is among the best deterrents for thieves. But unlike ordinary alarms that just make a noise when something happens; monitored systems will send you emergency signals whether that be to your cell phone, or online via email, or even to your social media account!

You can connect this to some cameras too and then you can watch your area through your phone whenever you want.



Use lighting to your advantage

Most break-ins take place in the night because it's harder to spot someone in the dark, and it’s also a lot quieter than it would be in the early afternoon. So if you install lights outside of the office that have a sensor, this may just scare any potential burglars away because of the higher risk of getting spotted now.

The kind of lighting you decide on all depends on how much security you really need.



Get some CCTV

If you're considering getting some cameras, do your research into where to put them first. It's no good cashing out on some top of the range equipment, and then putting it somewhere the criminal can easily avoid. Remember that thieves can always cover their faces, so think about how your lighting will help with this situation.

If you're not sure, then get some help and advice from your local security companies.



Dispose of documents correctly

Make sure you get a shredder for your office to destroy any documents you have. By doing this, you prevent leaving a paper trail, meaning it'll be very hard for someone to try and steal your identity or important information.

You can also reduce fraud & increase compliance with Netverify, which is a company that makes sure your business is as protected as it can be online.



Use a laptop lock

Laptops are one of the most common items to be stolen from an office, so buy some locks to lock your laptop up with. It works the same way a bike lock would by using a metal cable that is attached to the laptop on one end, and something that can't be moved to the other, like a table that is bolted to the floor. They cost barely anything, and the advantages of having one are well worth it.





Lock away your important documents

By no means do you want to lose your confidential documents, as this could be fatal to your business. So keep all your sensitive information protected and stored away in locked drawers or cabinets, and back everything up virtually to a safe and secure hard drive.



Keep Your Office Safe And Secured

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