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Working In Another Country: 8 Essentials

By Careers Desk

Friday, August 18, 2017.

Working in another country can be a great decision for your career. This could potentially help you to develop both as a person and an employee, or even start another business overseas. However, you’re going to need to make sure you have the essentials before your pack up your stuff and make the move. Here are 8 things you’re going to need to think about before you go!

Setting Up Your Banking

Setting up a new bank account should be a priority for you when you plan on working in another country. Money issues will be the last thing you want on your plate, so you must make sure your salary is paid correctly. Set up an overseas bank account before you leave to ensure that everything is working fine.

Tax And The Living Costs

Find out how tax and the cost of living will affect you so you can effectively negotiate your salary. This can be different for every country. In some, it may seem like you’re taking a pay cut, in others a pay rise. However, it will usually be in keeping with that country's tax implications.  

Working Hours And Culture

There are many differences between cultures and markets, and working weeks around the world can vary greatly. In Dubai, for instance, they work Sunday - Thursday. The amount of paid leave you’re entitled to can also vary.

Visas, Work Permits, And Travel Documents

You will need to get a Visa, work permit, and other travel documents sorted as soon as possible.

Past criminal convictions can make this difficult, so make sure you’re prepared to be honest and open so you aren’t met with any challenges once you reach security, and that you can go through the correct processes. In Canada, this may mean you need to take a rehabilitation course before you can enter the country.  As for other travel documents, if you plan on staying to work somewhere long-term, then you may need to apply for citizenship. In India, you can download aadhar card, but it will be different depending on where you work.

A Place To Stay

Will you need temporary or a permanent relocation? What will you do with your current property? Make sure you ensure you can afford somewhere before you attempt to secure it by taking the living costs and other issues into account.

Computer/Device Tracking

With correct tracking services, you will be able to locate your devices and wipe them clean. With some you can even see who is using your stolen item and track them via GPS.

A Project Management Tool

Working with different people in different time zones can be tricky, but a project management tool can help. Other tools and apps can help you to find one time and date to suit everybody.

A Portable Hard Drive

A portable hard drive is a must in case your laptop/computer ever fails, gets lost, or is stolen.

Don’t forget - if the language barrier will be a problem, there are translation apps you can download for that in advance too. Other than that, with everything listed above, you should find that you’re all set to start work!

Working In Another Country: 8 Essentials

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