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Fantastic Careers People Completely Overlook

By Careers Desk

Monday, August 21, 2017.

When you’re young, and you think about your career, you are probably picking from three main options. These are law, medicine, and business. This is true, even for those who are not particularly academically inclined. No matter what your grades, no matter how much you enjoyed school, most individuals still strive to be part of these business sectors. But it’s even more specific than that. If you study law, you don’t want to do anything except become an attorney and argue cases in court. Studied business? That must mean that you are perfectly suited to manage a company. Or how about medicine? Most people immediately pursue the path to become a doctor and are disappointed to find out just how steep the climb is to get there.

Unfortunately, when we make these decisions and feel obliged to head in certain directions, we miss out on other opportunities that could actually be more beneficial. That’s what we’re going to look at today. We’re going to explore the careers that are often overlooked in pursuit of the big three.

Human Resources

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A law degree doesn’t just give you the skills you need to become an attorney. On the contrary, if you have a law degree and want to be an attorney, you’ll need a post grad, and you’ll need to pass the bar. It’s a long process that can rival the path to becoming a fully qualified doctor. However, there are lots of jobs that you can complete with a law degree alone that don’t involve standing up and arguing your case in court.

Working in human resources would be an example of this. HR are typically concerned with the legal ethics and regulations behind the management of a company. It’s their job to make sure that everything is above board and being run as it should be. If there are any issues, they will correct the problem or advise the business owner and manager on what steps to take. It’s a job that is important in virtually every business on the market, so there’s plenty of demand here. What about salaries? Usually, it’s well over 50K and that’s pretty good for a job where you don’t need a post grad. You’ll be suited for this role if you pay attention to detail, are interested in the law and have no desire to stand up and argue it in court.


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Boring, arduous and time-consuming often best describes the perception that most people have of accountants. Okay, it might be true, but accountants also make on average 100K. Even straight out of college you’ll start off on a salary over 40. So, there’s definitely a distinct financial benefit to consider here. You can also become an accountant with a business degree and a high academic achievement in math. You don’t have to decide to try and gain a position running a company. In fact, the majority of companies actually fail on the market so being an accountant could be a safer option. You won’t be spending your money but rather telling other people who to spend theirs. As such, there’s very little risk in this type of position.

Of course, if you don’t mind a little risk...okay, a lot of risk, you could become a financial broker. Even less experience is needed for this position, and once you’re trusted on the market, you’ll be playing with huge levels of money. That could lead to truly awesome profit margins, but it does depend on how successful you are.


Perhaps it has always been your dream to work in medicine. You have great aspirations to save lives and form personal connections with patients, just as you have seen on TV. Of course, in reality, medicine isn’t like that at all. In fact, it’s quite common for doctors to spend less than ten minutes with their patients. If you want to get to know people working in medicine, nursing is your best option. The salaries of nurses can rival those of the other roles we have mentioned in this post, but that’s not the only advantage. It’s a lot easier to become a nurse compared with becoming a doctor. You don’t have to go through the exhaustive years of medical training. With an MSN MBA program in nursing, it’s easy to get started pursuing this career, ensuring you have all the training you need. You can discover more about this possibility by exploring online study plans.

That’s not to say that nursing is a dead end job either. There are many routes you can take and options you can explore to further expand your career and grow in your role. As such, you shouldn’t believe that being a nurse is less than being a doctor. These days, that’s just not true, and many people feel that, for the patient, the nurse is far more important.


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Or, how about becoming a teacher. Let’s say that you have just left university. What did you study? It doesn’t matter because you can become a teacher with absolutely any degree you can imagine. All you need to do is take a separate course to learn the basics of teachings. Again, these days teaching isn’t as difficult as people think. In some cases, you might not even find yourself at the front of a class. Instead, you could be organizing teaching materials online and sending them directly to your students. The other benefit of going into teaching is the possibility of tenure. This is essentially job security for life and can be a highly comforting prospect in a world where the economy is hardly ever stable.

Of course, it can take years to reach this point, and it’s not always a guarantee. But even if you never achieve that status, teaching can still provide you with a solid salary, and you don’t need to be highly successful academically to be a great teacher.

We hope you see now that there are many jobs outside of the typical choices you shouldn’t overlook. With great benefits and interesting job descriptions, you could find that one of these is your perfect fit.

Fantastic Careers People Completely Overlook

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