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Understanding Hospital Anxiety And How To Overcome Your Fear

By Features Desk

Wednesday, August 23, 2017.

Not many of us enjoy the thought of going into hospital, especially when we have to go through surgery. It can be a frightening experience and can lead to feelings of anxiety in the days leading up to the appointment. In this article, we will take a look at why we get so fearful, and most importantly, what we can do about our fears.

Reasons for anxiety
1. For many of us, it isn’t the possibility of physical pain that is the problem. It’s the financial cost involved, especially if we aren’t insured. A stay in hospital may also mean a leave of absence from work, incurring a further loss to finances.

2. Most operations are performed successfully, but we have all heard of procedures that have gone wrong. You may have heard of medical malpractice lawyers who get involved in such cases. What is medical malpractice? Unfortunately, it is when our doctors are negligent in their care of us, and the medical treatment we received did more harm than good. These situations, though rare, are enough to put us off going into hospital for care.

3. The sense of losing control. We are placing our lives in somebody else’s hands, and no matter how good the doctor is, there is the fear that we are no longer in the position to determine what happens to us while in hospital care.

4. The sense of our mortality. When going under anesthesia, there is the fear that we may not regain consciousness again, even if the operation isn’t for anything life-threatening.

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Dealing with anxiety
1. When it comes to our finances, the Affordable Care Act has made it possible for more of us to receive medical care, even if we aren’t insured.

2. Remember that our doctors and surgeons are qualified professionals. Instead of being fearful of the operation, place your trust in the people who are helping you. The surgery will often be for the best and will improve your quality of life. Despite the risks involved, the majority of operations go well.

3. Speak to your doctor before the operation. If you have any worries about the surgery, your doctor should put your mind at ease. Often, there is nothing to worry about, and the operation will be a simple procedure. Our minds do tend to wander and think of the worst possible outcomes, but the doctor will help you put it into perspective.

4. In the days leading up to the operation, busy yourself. Spend time with family and friends. Enjoy your hobbies. Distract yourself, so you aren’t thinking about your hospital stay 24/7. When you do start to worry, engage in calming techniques, such as meditation and prayer. Then, on the day itself, enlist the people you love to keep you company.

Bottom line
Should you relate to any of the above, always speak to your doctor if your anxiety gets out of control. We all get worried, but there are professionals who can help put our minds at ease.

Understanding Hospital Anxiety And How To Overcome Your Fear

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