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Beating Racial Prejudice When Getting Hired

By Careers Desk

Monday, September 25, 2017.

Whilst things have improved drastically, the facts and figures still suggest that racial prejudice is alive and well when it comes to the hiring process. If you’ve been looking for a job but have been having no luck, here are some of the things to consider that could make you a more attractive candidate for employers.

Do an internship or volunteer

There are many internships and access courses that lead directly onto jobs at the end. There are also many voluntary positions that may not pay but could lead on to job prospects that are paid. Make sure to only do something you’re passionate about so that you’re getting the skills and experience you need to follow your dream career.

Network effectively

Networking is all about meeting new people and creating connections that can help you to find job placements. There are many networking events for jobseekers such as job fairs and conferences. Social media sites such as Linked In are also useful. There are also specialist groups and services for ethnic minorities that can help boost your chances of finding a job placement.

Clean up your credit score

Some employers are now doing credit scores. Having a clean credit score could put you in a better positions than other applicants. Bad credit scores can be developed from not paying off debts, although often having never had debts before can equally damage your credit rating. Credit-building schemes could be worth trying if you suspect this to be a problem.


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Don’t let a criminal record put you off

Being an ethnic minority with a criminal record isn’t the end of the world, although it may seem so. There are many services that can help when it comes to interview answers surrounding topics such as incarceration. If you’ve recently been convicted of a crime, you could also get a lawyer to try and push for a spent conviction. What is a spent conviction? This is basically a way of serving time or paying a fine without it going on your criminal record. Those of previous good character can usually argue such a case.

Don’t change your name to get hired

Studies have found that changing your name to something more ‘white’ does indeed improve your chances of getting responses from employers. However, you should consider whether you really want to be working for an employer who has chosen you on the assumption that you are white, rather than purely on your application.

Get counselling if you feel resentment

Getting constantly rejected or not getting any responses at all can be demotivating and can start to create feeling of resentment for many jobseekers who are of ethnic minorities. If you feel that you are getting angry or depressed over the process, there are plenty of counselling services out there that help you to find motivation.

Beating Racial Prejudice When Getting Hired

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