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The Overlooked Ways Spreadsheets Could Help You To Secure Investment

By Business Desk

Wednesday, October 18, 2017.

At some point, most business owners will want to secure some investment for their companies. That could happen at the start of their venture, or they might decide to do it later on to fund a growth strategy. Regardless of the details, all entrepreneurs should make use of spreadsheets during the process. Below are some tips on the best ways to do that.

Making financial predictions

You might want to show investors how much their money is going to change your turnover. In that instance, you can use carefully-designed spreadsheets to highlight how the investment will impact your operation by making predictions based on the new figures.

Creating visuals

Sometimes it’s easier to hammer an idea home if you can provide investors with some visuals. Using Microsoft Excel, it’s possible to create a range of different charts based on any set of figures or information.

Highlighting company turnover

Spreadsheets are excellent tools for things like accounting, and so you could use them to highlight your turnover and any profits you’ve made. Presenting the financial data should assist in securing your investment and gaining the trust of your new partners.

So, if you plan to pitch to private investors, the bank, or an equity firm during the next few months, make sure you use all the tools available to give yourself a fighting chance of success. If you utilise spreadsheets as much as possible, you could tip the scales of balance in your favour and achieve the desired results without working too hard. 

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The Overlooked Ways Spreadsheets Could Help You To Secure Investment

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