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The Best Spots Around The World To Invest in a Holiday Home

By Features Desk

Saturday, December 2, 2017.

If you are someone that loves to travel, then being able to own a home abroad could be an amazing investment for anyone that wants the freedom to be able to escape whenever they want to. It can also be a good little earner if you rent it out when you don’t want to use it. But where are some of the best places to buy? Of course, you want it to be somewhere that has a draw to you, as there will be plenty of times that you’ll be visiting it. So here are some of the top places that people buy a holiday home in. Would any of them work for you?


Park City, Utah

The license plates in Utah say ‘the greatest snow on earth.’ So if you are winter sports fans, then being able to have a holiday home up in the mountains of Park City could be the dream. Not only that, but it is a great place to be in summer too. Utah has some hot summers, but being up in the mountains means you get sun but makes it a bit more bearable. So for the best of both, a cabin up there could be a great idea.


For a better chance of sunshine all year round, then looking at houses for sale in Monaco could be the dream. The luxurious tax-haven spot is full of things to do and see, as well as being home to the world famous Formula One circuit. Yachts, casinos, shopping, and spas; it can be a real treat to have a vacation here. You’d never be short of people wanting to rent it out from you either.

Costa Blanca, Spain

The Costa Blanca on the east-side of Spain is one of the most popular spots for a holiday home. It is easily accessible from European countries, and the house prices are completely reasonable. So if sun, sea, and sand is what you want for a vacation home, then the Costa Blanca could be the spot to look. Alicante is one of the main spots to be looking, as well as Benidorm and Valencia.



To get some of the warmest temperatures worldwide, then Cyprus is the island to be looking at. Having a pool at your home can definitely be a good choice if you chose to buy a home in Cyprus. There is a large tourist population too, so if you get the location right, you are likely to have plenty of people wanting to stay there.

New York City

If you travel a lot for work, or have a grand budget, then an apartment in New York City could be an amazing choice. Making travel to the city much easier when there is somewhere to stay, it could mean a festive shopping escape, as well as a fun place to visit with family. It will be one of the most expensive options here, especially for what you get, but it would be a property that would hold its value for sure.

The Best Spots Around The World To Invest in a Holiday Home

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