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How To Pick Work Clothes For Men

By Features Desk

Saturday, December 2, 2017.

As a man of African descent, looking smart for work is about more than giving a good impression. It also gives you confidence and will help motivate you to perform well at your job. Having a smart work outfit is important as it shows your bosses that you care and will help you land that promotion of your dreams. Here are some basics you should have for any work outfit.


You need to have a long-sleeved shirt. Short sleeves are all well and good, but it isn’t appropriate business attire. You will want a long-sleeved shirt with a collar and (depending on your job and company) a necktie, too. This is the main thing people will when they talk to you, especially if you spend a lot your time sitting behind a desk. You also want to stay away from shirts with bright colors and patterns on. Instead go with plain white, black or blue, and if you want to have some variety, then a striped shirt is fine, too. You will also want to make sure that your shirt is ironed and doesn’t have any creases. One of the easiest ways to ruin your entire work outfit is by having it look creased and messy. Instead, iron your shirts before you wear them. This can be done in the morning before work, or you can iron them after they have been washed and hang them tidily in your wardrobe.

Pants or Trousers

Obviously, you need pants in your work outfit. These need to be specifically work or suit pants. You cannot go to work in jeans or anything else this as it looks unprofessional and will give a bad impression. It also won’t help you to get into the mindset of being at work. When it comes to pants, you want to get plain dark colors such as black, gray or dark brown. They also don’t want to be too baggy on you and instead they want to look like they fit correctly. A good example of some work pants is the Dickies 873 which are a straight cut, solid color pants. If you need to, then you should get a smart belt to go along with the pants. This will help them to fit better and will help you look professional. Again these need ironing before wearing so that you give the best possible impression at all times.


A jacket is often optional when putting together a work uniform, but it can help to complete the look. You can get a full suit, and this will include all of the above and a jacket, or you can have a range of jackets that match your other clothes. A jacket needs to fit you across the shoulders and should not be too tight or baggy on you. Once again you want to stick to dark solid colors when it comes to getting the right jacket. You also need to make sure that is has been ironed before wearing it. Once you have your jacket, it should complete your work outfit and you will be able to look great, feel great and, hopefully, be great.

How To Pick Work Clothes For Men

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