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 5 Fun Ways To Meet Your Customers In Person


By Business Desk


Saturday, December 9, 2017.


Your customers are your most important asset. As a business owner, you need to take care of the people that pay you money for your products or services. It’s important they are happy with what you have provided so far, so they tell others about you. And if you’re really good at doing this, chances are they’ll come back for more. Part of what makes your company popular is your brand. It has a persona or perceived personality. So why not take that brand out to the customers and meet them in person?


Product Launch Party

Whenever a big company releases a new product or service, there is always a lot of hype about it. Social media is really good for this. It should be an integral part of your product launch campaign. Use it to tell your customers and fans about a product launch party. This gives you the chance to introduce your latest offering. You can fully present it, demonstrating it, and create excitement for it. Best of all, you get to meet your most dedicated customers in person.


Branding Campaigns On The Street

You will probably need to negotiate with your local authority for this one to get a licence or permission to entertain or sell on the street. Bring a small stage or booth, and entertain the crowds. Each rep will need a clearly visible ID. Try a bespoke lanyards supplier that can get some made up for you. Make sure there are engaging activities and photo opportunities. These will then be shared on social media, extending your reach. Bring samples of products, and make it fun.


Store Demonstrations

In-store demos are an essential part of the marketing strategy for many businesses selling through retail channels. Yours could be one of them. The store will usually charge you for your ‘pitch’, but you will be free to bring in samples and talk to customers as they browse the store. Pick a rep that is very knowledgeable and approachable. You don’t have to be too salesy, but it can help! Talk to families, and offer merchandise like a balloon or pen. This helps your brand to stay in mind for longer. And everybody loves a free gift!


Expos, Conventions, and Exhibitions

These are excellent networking opportunities and a great way to meet the customers that are most interested in you and what you sell. They are there to find you and other companies like you, so they’re motivated. All you need to do is make their experience memorable and exciting. Think about your brand persona and tie activities and events into that character. After all, it should match your demographic!



Festivals for the arts, especially music, are a must for any company that has products appealing to that demographic. You can get down on the ground with your customers when they’re in a great mood. They’ll be more receptive to your sales pitch, and you might be able to collect customer data too. Remember to enhance the experience of the festival, not just sell products on the day.


5 Fun Ways To Meet Your Customers In Person

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