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The Secret to Improving Your Work Meetings


By Business Desk


 Tuesday, January 30, 2018.


If you have a lot of meetings in your business, you will be aware of how important they can be - but only when they are approached in the right way. Meetings are something of a common enemy in many workplaces, with employees often arguing that they are not entirely essential. However, the truth is that meetings do a lot for your business, and you probably need to keep doing them to some degree. However you might find that you are able to vastly improve the quality and effectiveness of your meetings just by making some simple changes. Doing so is probably sensible so that you can be more efficient in business - and continue to keep everyone in your workplace happy too.



Only Hold Them When Necessary

If you ask your employees, you will probably find that the major annoyance of meetings is that sometimes they don't’ appear to be necessary. If you want to keep your employees happy, you should endeavor only to hold meetings when they are completely necessary. However, it can be hard to distinguish when this is the case or not. If you are keen to ensure you only hold necessary meetings, it helps to first try and solve any problem using another method. If emailing and a brief chat don’t fix it, then you might want to hold a meeting - but just trying out those other options first will dramatically reduce the number of meetings you do end up having. As long as all the meetings you are holding are actually necessary, you will find that people view them as being less of a burden, and you will also be able to work cohesively as a more tight-knit unit as well.


Structure Them

There is nothing worse than a meeting with no structure. It shows, above all, that the person running it is not really aware of the purpose of the meeting, and this can cause some real problems for everyone present. If you want to keep your meetings on pare, make sure that you always have a good clear structure to them - otherwise you might find that you are not able to really make the most of them. Not only should you work on a structure for each meeting, you should also be sure to share that structure with everyone who will be present beforehand. This gives people warning as to what is likely to be discussed, and means that everyone will come to the table much more prepared than they would be otherwise. That alone will help dramatically to make a vast improvement to your meetings, so it is worth looking into this at your earliest convenience. With a proper structure, meetings can be much more useful to everyone who is in attendance.


Focus On Presentation

One of the challenges of holding meetings is the ensure that the people present actually take away from the meeting something of importance. In order to do this, you might want to work on how you are presenting the information to them. If you are keen to have them remember as much as they can, then you might find that using audio-visual aids can be hugely helpful, o you should consider doing this in the future if necessary. Of course, in that case, much will depend on the equipment you use, so it’s a good idea to rate yourself out the best Eastwood Sound and Vision equipment for your boardrooms. With such technology installed, the meetings will be likely to take on a whole new level of enjoyment and meaning for your employees and for yourself.


Invite The Right People

Even just having one person present who doesn’t really need to be there can mean that the whole meeting takes on a strange feeling. You should make sure to invite only those who are necessary for what is being discussed, but also not to miss out anyone who could be considered important. Getting this balance right is tricky, but something that you will want to work on if you are to keep your quality of presentation and meeting up. If you sometime struggle to invite the right people, that could mean that you are discussing too much in your meetings, or focusing too widely, and you need to narrow down and focus more on particulars within each meeting. This could mean more meetings on the whole, but you will probably find that this is the right way to go if you are to make the most of each meeting.


Make Them Enjoyable

Few managers remember the importance of making a work meeting enjoyable, but you will probably find that it is necessary if you are to get as much out of the meetings as you possibly can. There are many things you can do to make your meetings more fun, and it is worth using your imagination a little here in trying to achieve this aim. You might even want to ask your employees if there is anything that they would like to see in the meetings in order to make them more enjoyable. As long as you tread the line between fun and work, you should find that this is a hugely helpful way of keeping your meetings light and enjoyable and still getting the necessary work done. That is ultimately the best of both worlds. If you are struggling to get this right, then you should look into trying out a few different things first - eventually you will find the perfect combination for your own meetings.


With the right approach and some of the above tips taken on board, you should find that you are able to improve your work meetings greatly. This will not only mean a happier workplace, but you will find that your quality of work improves too  -and that is ultimately the point of holding such meetings anyway. Get this right, and you will find it makes a huge difference to the business on the whole.


The Secret to Improving Your Work Meetings

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