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Way To Go, Idaho! How The Gem State Has Helped Shape America



By Guest Contributor



Friday, March 9, 2018.



As the 14th largest state in America, Idaho’s significance doesn’t always gain to the recognition it deserves. However, the Gem State certainly lives up to its name in a whole host of cultural aspects. In celebration of some of everything the north-western state has to offer, here’s a look at some of the key areas and people.



The Gem State has a rich history in the field of education. In fact, the University of Idaho opened its doors 1892 while others have been opened since the 1960s and beyond. Nowadays, the main university offers almost 150 degrees while some of the other colleges offer dozens too. Idaho’s alumni include many notable names in a variety of environments. Michael Kirk, co-creator of Frontline, is one. However, there are many in business, acedia and government too.



Idaho’s pro sports teams don’t grab the headlines of some states, but they still play an important role in basketball, baseball and ice hockey. Meanwhile, the university teams have produced  Olympians and NFL Super Bowl winners like Mark Schlereth. Meanwhile, former WWE starlet Torrie Wilson has been a key figure in fighting for women’s reputation in sport and fitness. So, without having the big name teams, Idaho has contributed to America’s relationship with sporting activities.   



Idaho still operates under its original state constitution of 1889. Meanwhile, the 43rd state is represented by key figures like Senate Mike Crapo, who has been in office for two decades. The position of Idaho’s key personnel has influenced key debates on gun control and abortions in recent times. This has been particularly true during the Trump years. Other key senates over the years have included Reed Budge and Jim Risch. Idaho’s state and national standing is very influential to say the least.



Idaho is famous for many famous film and tv stars, on both sides of the camera. It is also a place that has inspired the movement away from Hollywood.  However, the state’s music scene is perhaps an even greater influence. From jazz stars like Eugene Haire to singers Morgan James and Brett Nelson, fans of various genres will know about Idaho’s best musicians. The Gem State has also produced noteworthy names in art and various other forms of entertainment.   



Albertson's retail group of grocery stores was started in 1939 in Idaho by Joe Albertson. It is still headquartered in Idaho. With over 2,200 stores across the country, most people have had their lives directly influenced by the company. For 250,000, it’s also a place of work. At the time of his death in 2008, J.R Simplot was the oldest member on the Forbes 400 list too. His success was largely based around potato products. Idaho is home to a number of large-scale companies in today’s climate too.


So, there you go. Even if you’ve never been to the Gem State, there’s little doubt that it has influenced your world in many different aspects. Way to go, Idaho.


Way To Go, Idaho! How The Gem State Has Helped Shape America

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